The Amazing Way Jeff Goldblum Recaps Thor: Ragnarok's Plot

Jeff Goldbulm The Grandmaster Thor: Ragnarok

Jeff Goldblum is known for being something of a character off-screen as much as he is on-screen. He's almost always entertaining, but he may have outdone himself with his recent summary of the plot of Thor: Ragnarok. The actor, who plays The Grandmaster in the upcoming entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was recently asked to sum up the plot of the entire film in 10 seconds, and we got the best plot synopsis ever.

Thor finds out much about his family and tries to save his planet and the universe, while overcoming the machinations of a grand funny fun figure such as myself.

Jeff Goldblum's plot synopsis sort of goes off the rails at the end there, what with the "grand funny fun figure" bit, but on the plus side, no spoilers. Jeff Goldblum spent some talking with GamesRadar about many things, Thor: Ragnarok being just one, but the actor was his normal, slightly off-kilter self, including describing Loki as having a soft center like a Tootsie Pop, and describing Thor as "gamey" as if he was planning on eating one of them, as if he had already tasted them. We're not sure this hasn't happened.

Of course, Jeff Goldblum and all of his Jeff Goldbluminess is probably exactly what Thor: Ragnarok needed. The new movie certainly has a much lighter tone than previous installments of the franchise. We're sure The Grandmaster is going to be a slightly kooky character. Goldblum describes his character as funny and fun, and we're assuming that's all true. Why else would you cast Jeff Goldblum? None of his characters are entirely normal.

If there's anything of particular note in Jeff Goldblum's plot summary, it's probably the bit about Thor learning "much about his family." We know that Thor's search for Odin would be part of the story, though we haven't seen much of that side of the plot in the Thor: Ragnarok trailers. Is there something about his father that Thor doesn't know? How will that impact Thor as a character or the rest of the MCU? Goldblum is good to avoid any detail, but he does now have us thinking.

The saving the universe part is well known to all of us. Cate Blanchett's Hela will set fire to Asgard, which is a key part of the actual Ragnarok described in Norse mythology. We're assuming she's not planning on stopping there, as the rest of the universe is likely next for her.

We can't wait to see Jeff Goldblum's wonderful weirdness in Thor: Ragnarok. We're just a couple of weeks away as the film is set for a November 2 release. Until then, you can read our review, which reveals, that the film is solid, and yes, Jeff Goldblum is weird.

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