Ben Affleck May Be Re-Teaming With The Accountant Director For New Movie

Ben Affleck in The Accountant

Gavin O'Connor's 2016 film The Accountant was successful enough at the box office and on home video that now a sequel is in the works. Ben Affleck is set to return as the autistic, military-trained accountant for the sequel. While we wait to see if director Gavin O'Connor will also return for The Accountant 2, he may be re-teaming up with Ben Affleck for another new movie. The director and star duo are circling the drama film The Has-Been based on a script from Run All Night and Out of the Furnace writer Brad Ingelsby.

The Has-Been is about a former basketball all-star who lost his wife and family foundation due to his struggle with addiction. In order to try and save himself, he returns to his high school to become the coach of the ethnically-mixed basketball team. Gavin O'Connor would direct Ben Affleck, who wants to play the former all-star turned coach in the film. According to Deadline, while no deals have yet been made, the script has drawn a lot of interest and Warner Bros. is trying to make a deal that would put The Has-Been on the fast track with the director and actor duo.

Given the excitement around Brad Ingelsby's script and the success of Ben Affleck and Gavin O'Connor's previous pairing, there's a lot be hopeful for about The Has-Been. The subject matter sounds like it makes for the kind of uplifting sports movie that most people love, and Gavin O'Connor has experience tackling a sports film in Warrior. This also sounds like the kind of role that is different from what we usually see Ben Affleck in, and could be the kind of thing that he can really sink his teeth into and show what he's capable of.

The fact that the former all-star in the story lost everything because of his addiction is also interesting and quite relevant in current times. This aspect of the story will hopefully provide some depth to help elevate and differentiate The Has-Been from every other movie about an underdog team coming together. You may also notice that this setup isn't entirely dissimilar from the plot of The Mighty Ducks, where Gordon Bombay fell on hard times and found himself by helping a kids hockey team. While I don't expect this film to take the humorous route that beloved film did, and there are obviously plenty of differences, the basic premise has certainly proven itself before.

Ben Affleck and Gavin O'Connor both have plenty on their plates in addition to the possibility of taking on The Has-Been. Ben Affleck is currently filming the long-in-development drug thriller Triple Frontier for Netflix. Affleck's next directorial effort looks to be the adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel Witness for the Prosecution. Gavin O'Connor is attached to another remake of The Green Hornet and he is developing to direct Suicide Squad 2, which has been rumored to be Ben Affleck's last appearance as Batman.

We'll keep you updated as The Has-Been moves forward. For all the latest in movie news, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

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