Thanks To Merger, AT&T Is Getting Heckled About Justice League's Snyder Cut

Justice League

It's been over half a year since Justice League was released in theaters, but still the battle rages on. After Joss Whedon came in to oversee reshoots and change the direction of the movie, some fans have been demanding to see the Snyder Cut, which would be the movie as envisioned by original director Zack Snyder. It's never been officially confirmed that the Snyder Cut even exists, but it's become an internet thing, and now that AT&T will officially own Warner Bros., fans are trying to get the corporation to spread some early goodwill by releasing the cut. Here's an example of the type of thing you can find about the Snyder Cut these days:

For a little extra elaboration, the Justice League that was released in theaters is certainly not the originally intended vision. Director Zack Snyder was working on the movie, but then backlash over Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice's tone caused the studio to rework the movie. Snyder also had to leave the film due to personal issues, as well, and Joss Whedon was recruited to handle extensive reshoots and rewrites. Footage from early trailers was nowhere to be seen in the final version, leading some to believe there must be a version of the edit that matches Snyder's original intent.

One fan on Twitter reached out to AT&T to try his luck at seeing if the new owner of Warner Bros. would be interested in releasing the Snyder Cut. Funnily enough, he did get a response, but probably not the one he was expecting. The Twitter user reached out to the AT&T customer service account, AT&T Cares, and the account wrote back,

Hey Chris, thanks for your feedback, We are always looking to expand. We are always here you.

This is more than likely an automated response that goes out to most people who contact the account. A different Twitter user reached out to the customer service account and reported getting a very similar response.

I don't think AT&T has quite updated its customer service since the merger was approved. It's unlikely that the corporation could help fans much with the Snyder Cut, anyway. If the cut did exist, it probably wouldn't be as a finished movie. While there may be a rough cut, that would still be missing visual effects, pickups, music, and a host of other elements that are added later on in the moviemaking process. There are fans who would still want to see that version anyway, but I'd have to guess Warner Bros. probably doesn't have much incentive to release it.

The Snyder Cut of Justice League is still just a dream at the moment, but stick with CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated with new information as soon as it becomes available. Keep track of all upcoming DC films with our DCEU guide.

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