David Ayer Is Teaming Up With Shia LaBeouf For A Crime Thriller

Shia LaBeouf Fury

David Ayer is keeping himself busy these days. He might not be directing Suicide Squad 2, but the writer-director has found a new franchise in the form of Bright. Ayer will direct the sequel to the Netflix fantasy film, but before he sinks his teeth into that project, Ayer is sneaking in another project. The director will film a new crime thriller called Tax Collector. Not much is known about the film, but Ayer has recruited Shia LaBeouf to join the cast of the movie.

According to Deadline, David Ayer's next film will be Tax Collector, which he will write and direct. The plot of Tax Collector is being kept under tight wraps, but we do know that the film will star Shia LaBeouf and Bobby Soto (S.W.A.T.). Tax Collector will more in line with Ayer films such as Training Day and End of Watch; gritty, violent thrillers about crime in Los Angeles. The film will be a co-production between Cross Creek and Cedar Park Entertainment. The latter is Ayer's production company, while the former is has credits that include Black Swan, Black Mass, American Made, and Hacksaw Ridge.

This will mark the second time that David Ayer and Shia LaBeouf have worked together. The first time was in Ayer's 2014 war film, Fury, about a tank crew in the heart of Nazi Germany during the final days of World War II. There has been plenty written about LaBeouf's acting method during that film. The actor intentionally cut his own face, had his front tooth pulled out, joined the U.S. National Guard, became a chaplain's assistant, and didn't bath for four months.

So, get ready for some more of that on Tax Collector! LaBeouf likes to go hard, so will he take a method approach and become a real tax collector, cracking down on people when they miss their payments?

Shia LaBeouf has made some made some weird artistic ventures over the years, but you can't say that they don't make for memorable viewing experiences. Another project that LaBeouf has on the horizon is Honey Boy, the movie based on his own life in which he will play his own father. LaBeouf has spoken before about the rocky relationship he had with his father, which will be explored in the movie.

No production or release date has been announced for Tax Collector, but it will likely be soon so that David Ayer can get back to work on Bright 2. In the meantime, be sure to stick with CinemaBlend and we'll be sure to update you on any new developments as soon as they are made available. Keep up to date on all the big titles coming to theaters with our 2018 movie release schedule.

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