First Look At Doctor Minerva Actress On Captain Marvel Set

Before we get to the big MCU blowoff of Avengers 4, we need to get caught up with Captain Marvel. While details have been scarce, we have just received our first look at one of the Kree characters in the film. Actress Gemma Chan had previously been announced to take on the role of Doctor Minerva, also known as Minn-Erva, but we did not know much beyond that. However, a new picture of Chan posted to her Twitter feed may give us a slight indication of what Minn-Erva will look like when we see her early next year. Check it out.

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While the picture of Gemma Chan obviously isn't her in full Doctor Minerva mode, her skin isn't blue for starters, the image, posted to celebrate her wrapping up her work on Captain Marvel clearly looks like it was taken while she was working, meaning that other things about Chan's look, like her hair, are probably done in the same style that Doctor Minerva will have in the film.

Traditionally Minn-Erva is a villain within the comic book world that Captain Marvel is based on. She's a Kree geneticist and an enemy to Mar-Vell, the character that will be played by Jude Law in the new film. Little is known about the plot to Captain Marvel beyond the fact that it will pit the titular character, played by Brie Larson, against the alien Kree, who have appeared in previous Marvel Cinematic Universe films like Guardians of the Galaxy.

Minn-Erva will be one of several Kree characters who have been either confirmed or rumored to appear in Captain Marvel. We know that Lee Pace will return as Ronan the Accuser. Ben Mendelsohn as also been reported as having a role in the film that could be Yon-Rogg, another Kree villain.

While expectations for Captain Marvel were already high if only because it is set to be the first MCU movie with a woman in the lead role, Avengers: Infinity War amped things up with its post-credits scene by making it clear that the character is the key to Avengers 4. The film is set decades before the current point of the MCU timeline, in the 1990s, but it will likely still give us a few hints, if not outright answers, regarding how the dire situation the MCU characters are currently in could possibly be saved.

With filming on Captain Marvel apparently starting to wrap up, and the film's release a little over eight months away, there's a good chance we'll be getting our first real look at the film, and not leaked shots from the set, in the next few months.

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