When IT Chapter Two releases next year, it will pick up the story of the Losers Club and their battle with Pennywise 27 years later. That necessitates a whole new cast, but there has been something of an open question as to whether or not the child actors from IT would be making an appearance in any sort of flashbacks in the sequel. Actors Wyatt Oleff and Jeremy Ray Taylor, who played Stanley and Ben respectively, have even suggested as much as a way to show what happened to the characters after the Blood Oath. Now that IT Chapter Two has officially begun filming, it is looking like it may indeed have flashbacks. Check out this picture from James McAvoy with his young co-stars:

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This isn't exactly a definitive confirmation that IT Chapter Two will have flashbacks, but the bottom left Polaroid from James McAvoy's Instagram certainly indicates that flashbacks have indeed been thrown into the mux. In the Polaroid James McAvoy, who will play a grown up Bill Denbrough in the film, can be seen with his younger counterpart, Jaeden Lieberher, as well as Jack Dylan Grazer, who played Eddie Kaspbrak in IT. Since filming is underway and these actors are seemingly on set together, it stands to reason that we will be seeing more of that young group of friends we weren't quite ready to say goodbye to when the first film ended.

Flashbacks would makes sense for IT Chapter Twoon a couple of levels. Even though audiences know that IT: Chapter 2 is a sequel and these two films are connected, flashing back to the kids will help cement that by tying together the two time periods. Flashbacks could also be used to help establish which adult actors are playing which kids without needing to have the names spelled out in exposition. Then there is the fact that in adapting Stephen King's massive tome, there are still parts that have been left out. Some of them are controversial and unlikely to show up, but it's possible that others will. Flashbacks would also help to flesh out the mythology while giving audiences more of the kids they fell in love with in the first film.

Also visible in James McAvoy's Polaroids are some of his co-stars who will play the adult members of the Losers Club in IT Chapter Two, including adult Beverly, Jessica Chastain; adult Richie, Bill Hader; and adult Mike, Isaiah Mustafa. The Polaroids show that the adult group and their younger counterparts are already fast friends. That's good because they will need to be united for the final battle with Pennywise that lies ahead.

Don;t forget to read through the full cast list of the adult Losers Club. IT: Chapter 2 promises to be even scarier in the second installment and deliver on one of the book's most shocking scenes. IT Chapter Two floats into theaters on September 6, 2019. To see all of the upcoming Stephen King movie adaptations, check out our guide.

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