Is There Any Chance IT's Controversial Sex Scene Will Still Show Up?

IT The Loser's Club staring down the pipes

Warning: spoilers from IT are in play. If you haven't experienced the film, or read the book, then bookmark this page for later enjoyment.

IT has enjoyed a pretty fantastic run on top of the box office heap, with Kingsman: The Golden Circle looking to possibly put that to an end. But with Halloween coming up, IT will probably have legs well into October, albeit in lower showings than it enjoyed these past two weeks. So now's a good time to be looking to the future, as at least one sequel is on the horizon, a sequel which will see flashbacks to moments in the childhood memories of the kids in Derry. Which has us asking one, pretty big question: is there a chance the infamous sewer orgy might make itself known in IT: Chapter Two?

A quick rundown on what happens and why: Stephen King's 1988 novel sees The Losers' Club temporarily defeating Pennywise, but unable to find their way out of the sewers of Derry. With this perilous situation at hand, Beverly Marsh suggests an action that will bring the group together, focusing their minds and helping them get out of a potential watery grave. That solution is, as you might know by now, is that the group lose their virginity together, resulting in the boys one by one having sex with Bev. So the story goes, it works in sending the group on their way out of the sewer, and indicates the two men Bev could potentially wind up with in the end of IT: Bill Denborough and Ben Hascom.

Now the big reason we're asking this question is because, despite its lack of inclusion in Andy Muschietti's IT: Chapter One, there's still a gap where that moment could fit in. After The Losers' Club defeats Pennywise in the film, events jump past the group leaving the sewers, showing the group out and about in that fine Derry air. While the scene has been talked about quite a bit (including about how that particular scene was omitted in favor of something else that serves the same purpose), this particular plot hole has us thinking that there is still a possibility that those childhood memories could revisit this scene after all.

Despite these lingering doubts we have floating around in our heads, we don't think that IT: Chapter Two will have a call back to the scene that's given so many people grief about the film's literary source material, nor do we really want it to. It's too much of a hot button issue, and even looking at how the group bonds over beating the Hell out of Pennywise, it feels like the kids of Derry have already found a way to form a lasting bond. Whether or not we see them get out of the sewer isn't the point. The important thing to think about is that IT: Chapter One sees our group escape evil, and vow that they'll return to face it again, should it return.

But there's one extreme scenario that might see this oft maligned scene rear its head again, and that's if Warner Bros and New Line decide that they want to expand IT into a three chapter trilogy. While there's plenty of other material to head into a third film with, there's still a possible scenario where the writers and the studio decide that it's useful to include this controversial scene. Since everyone's been talking about "that sewer orgy", there's a chance that the inclusion of that sequence could not only draw an even bigger audience, but could also fill out some running time in the trilogy.

Still, if you're really setting your hopes on seeing this particular scene from IT make it into theaters, we would suggest that you not hold your breath. Even with a hypothetical third film in the mix, Andy Muschietti and company don't seem that hard up on material for IT sequels. And even if they were, they'd probably craft some more new material, much as they have with some of the characters and events from Stephen King's writing. So unless some sort of late breaking course change makes itself known, we feel safe enough to put this particular fear to rest. Though we never really know what's waiting in the darkness, now do we?

IT is currently in theaters, scaring folks left and right; but if you're looking for some more chilling entertainment, check out our 2017 release schedule.

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