SPOILER WARNING: Key, important details from both the book and movie adaptations of Stephen King's IT are in play in this feature If you haven't yet seen the film and are sensitive to spoiling either experience, please bookmark this story for future reading and come back after you've caught up!

Stephen King's IT is a legendary story, that's both shocking in its horrors, as well as one that details the importance of the friendships of our youth. So naturally, being the watershed tome that it is, some folks were worried about whether the Andres Muschietti film would be a worthy adaptation. In this feature we won't be discussing the quality of the feature itself, but instead will highlight the big differences between the book and the film, and how they changed the story. So if you're looking to see if and/or how a particular portion of the IT story has been altered you've come to the right place!

There's no sign of Maturin The Turtle. One of the changes we knew about from the beginning was the fact that Maturin the Turtle, a character important to the mythos of the Stephen King universe, was nowhere to be seen in IT's film version. In the book, Maturin informed young Bill Denbrough on how to defeat Pennywise, his sworn nemesis, via the ritual of Chud. However, in the movie, there's only a mention of turtles in the waters The Barrens, as well as a LEGO model of one in Georgie's room.

The story's setting was updated to the 1980s. In Stephen King's IT, the narrative is split between two time periods: 1957-1958 and 1984-1985. The changes in the time period are key to how the characters grow up in and outside the city of Derry, Maine. While we will eventually see the adult events in the film sequel play out in 2016, this film is an Amblin-esque story set in 1989, full of sun-drenched hills perfect for bike riding, and Batman and Lethal Weapon 2 playing in the local theater. The novel showcases a 1950s vision of childhood, with The Mummy and I Was A Teenage Werewolf fueling the major scares that the The Losers Club face off against, but that's not the case in the sequel. Speaking of which...

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