Did Star Wars’ Carrie Fisher Really Ask William Shatner To Sign A Slave Leia Photo?

Carrie Fisher in the Slave outfit

Due to the massive popularity of the Star Wars franchise, its leading actors are typically catapulted to massive stardom. No one knows this better than the original heroes, as Harrison Ford, mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher will forever be household names thank to their tenure in the galaxy far, far away. Fisher's Princess Leia was the first crush of countless fanboys out there, but therere's being particular attention and modern controversy around her slave outfit from Return of the Jedi. While merch with Slave Leia has been abandoned by the franchise, it turns out that Carrie Fisher herself may have been a fan. In fact, she reportedly sent Star Trek's William Shatner a photo of her in the getup for an autograph. This wild story comes from William Shatner's social media, where he said:

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Now this is a Hollywood interaction I would love to see. While Carrie Fisher has made plenty of comments about Leia's Slave Outfit over the years, this is one of the first times where it seems the late actress/writer was actually jazzed about her costume from Jabba's Palace. Of course, one has to wonder if William Shatner is being genuine, or simply making a joke via social media.

William Shatner's Tweet, if factual, helps to further expand the wild character that was Carrie Fisher. While Fisher continued to entertain and contribute to the entertainment world throughout the years, it was her wit and perspective that kept her a mainstay in pop culture. And since her passing in December of 2016, any new tidbits about Fisher gain extra emotional weight. It certainly stands to reason that Carrie might make this type of joke with William Shatner, but it's too bad it didn't make it into one of her books.

Carrie Fisher's trademark wit gained new notoriety when she made the press rounds for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. While she was unable to explain what Leia was up to in the 2015 blockbuster, she continually entertained journalists and audiences alike with her sense of humor, and beloved dog Gary. And while Gary is still alive and well in thoroughly in love with his former owner, Fisher's legacy extends to each and every interaction she had-- including this one with William Shatner.

While the Stark Trek vs Star Wars debate has raged on for decades, hearing about stars from each property enjoying each other is something the fandom should likely remember. With franchise movies now being picked apart more than ever, the time has come for the sci-fi community to join forces. It's almost San Diego Comic-Con after all.

The next installment in the galaxy far, far away is Star Wars: The Last Jedi on December 20th, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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