Dwayne Johnson Can't Get Enough Of Other People's Food On Set

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You have to consume a lot of calories if you want to build a physique like Dwayne Johnson's. However, the actor is apparently much more interested in other people's food than his own when he's filming movies. The Rock's Skyscraper co-star Neve Campbell recently appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where she revealed the actor's habit of getting all up in her business regarding what she had eaten on set. He's apparently somewhat obsessed with knowing exactly what other people had to eat. It seems the Rock wants to know what you've been cookin.' According to Campbell...

You know what, he does this weird thing, which is every time you go have a meal, you go and see him and he says, 'What did you have?' You say, 'I had a salad.' 'What did you have in your salad?' 'Feta cheese.' 'What else?''Tomatoes.' 'What else?' 'Salmon.' 'How'd you have the salmon?' It's like the weirdest thing. He's obsessed with other people's food. It's like porn for him.

It would be one thing if Dwayne Johnson were really interested in what you were eating because he wanted to make sure you were eating right. One assumes that's a big deal for him. However, based on what Neve Campbell comparing it to porn, it sounds much more like Johnson is getting pleasure from hearing about what other people are eating. He enjoys listening to others talk about their meals.

You might expect such behavior from a total foodie, somebody who just loves everything about food. But from what Neve Campbell says next, it seems that The Rock's obsession with other people's food comes from the fact that he doesn't get to eat whatever he wants himself, which is leading him to live vicariously through the meals of others.

No, seriously. Because every four hours -- or maybe it's every two hours --someone walks up with a little tin that's like this big [very small] with like pieces of meat in it or whatever he is allowed to eat in that two-hour period. It's like a machine, right? So, he's just jealous. All he wants to know is what people eat.

Per Neve Campbell, Dwayne Johnson's love of hearing about what you had for lunch is all about the fact that he can't have it. Maintaining a physique like Rocky's is all about exercise combined with the proper diet, but that diet means eating the proper amounts of the right kinds of food at proper intervals. It's possible the guy hasn't had a chance to really enjoy eating food in a long time, so he finds enjoyment in what other people have to eat, instead.

When most people take a cheat day from their diets they take the opportunity to eat junk food or sweets. One gets the impression that when Dwayne Johnson gets a cheat day, he might just take the time to enjoy his meal.

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