Some Of The Best 2018 Comic-Con Pictures So Far

You know what the best thing about Comic-Con is? People can be into whatever they want without any type of shame. So, of course the majority of costumes are from renowned properties/ movies like Ghostbusters, Avengers and The Dark Knight, but there are plenty of other people willing to celebrate the one-offs they personally love: like Bright.

Yup, for the first time in my life, I witnessed Bright-related cosplay this week, and it was glorious. Check out how accurate this man's costume is below...

It takes extra effort to make sure the hands are accurate, and it probably takes even more effort to put other things around the belt beyond just the gun. Sometimes you just gotta jump into the deep end without apology.

We'll get to the full image gallery of all the great stuff we saw yesterday in just a minute, but first, I want to highlight the team costume below because at the end of the day, bringing elements together is another key element of Comic-Con. These men have fought their battles over the years, but older, wiser and more mature, now they just want to checkout Ballroom 20 and go blow some money at the Mondo Booth. Happy endings do happen.

You can check out some of the other great photos we got from Day 2, or you can check out our gallery of images from Day 1 here...

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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