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Henry Cavill Says His Mom Would Have Freaked Out If She Watched Him Filming This Mission: Impossible Scene

Henry Cavill in Mission: Impossible

Tom Cruise gets a lot of credit for the physical stunts that have become the signature of the Mission: Impossible franchise. But along the way, co-stars have had to try and match Cruise's daredevil attitude and go-for-broke approach to death-defying stunt work, whether it was Simon Pegg in a car chase or Rebecca Ferguson conquering her vertigo to jump from the top of the Vienna Opera House. In Mission: Impossible -- Fallout, Henry Cavill is the rugged co-star who has to match Tom Cruise almost every step of the way, but during an interview with CinemeBlend in Paris, Cavill told us the stunt that he's glad his mum didn't watch him film. He elaborated:

Definitely, the helicopter sequence. That's one of those things where, as much as I'm a passenger on that, it was an incredibly dangerous sequence that I'm relying upon my pilot -- who is an exceptional pilot -- and Tom -- who is also an exceptional pilot -- to not kill themselves, or each other, and therefore me in the process. And... it was a journey. [chuckles] But that's one of those things where you think, 'If my mother was here, she would be having very stern words with people.'

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The Mission: Impossible movies have made it a practice over the years or working to top the last entry. So if Tom Cruise's unstoppable agent, Ethan Hunt, hangs off the side of an airplane in one movie, then you can bet he'll be piloting a helicopter in a terrifying chase around mountains in the next movie. As you can see from the trailers for Fallout, Henry Cavill is going step for step with Cruise in this movie, participating in the bare-knuckle bathroom brawl, jumping out of airplanes for the HALO jump sequence, and riding in helicopters as Ethan fights to save the day.

But as I mentioned to Henry Cavill in the interview, this is exactly why you sign up for a Mission movie, to which he quickly replied:

When you finish a sequence like that, and it goes so well, everyone is so proud and so happy. And to be a part of something like that was a privilege.

Click here to listen to Henry Cavill talk about the filming of the helicopter sequence in Mission: Impossible -- Fallout. Unless you are Henry Cavill's mother. In which case, click away, and have a nice cup of tea.

Mission: Impossible -- Fallout will be in theaters on Friday, July 27. We will have so much more from the movie's Paris junket as we lead up to release, so keep it here.

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