When Disney purchased Lucasfilm from George Lucas, it was to be expected that the studio had big plans for the Star Wars franchise. Sure enough, in addition to announcing a new trilogy, the Disney-owned Lucasfilm started releasing standalone Star Wars movies, and there are more cinematic adventures set in a galaxy far, far away planned for the next decade. But the official casting announcement for Episode IX last week also came the revelation that the movie will mark the final chapter of the Skywalker saga. Since A New Hope came out in 1977, we've been following along with this family in nearly every movie, and once Episode IX reaches theaters, their story will be over.

On the one hand, imagining the Star Wars franchise without any Skywalker-centric stories is difficult. On the other hand, now is the right time for Lucasfilm to say goodbye to the Force-sensitive family and move onto to the next phase of the Star Wars universe, and we've gathered together the main reasons why it's a good idea Episode IX is concluding this era.

It Was Always Supposed To End At Episode IX

George Lucas went back and forth on the idea of releasing a sequel Star Wars trilogy set after Return of the Jedi, and as we all know, eventually those plans fell by the wayside so he could make the prequel trilogy. But even if Lucas had returned to the Star Wars franchise and made his versions of Episode VII, VIII and IX like he was thinking of doing before the Disney purchase, there was never any intention of taking the main saga into the double digits. Sure there could have ended up being a separate film released here and there, but this nine-part saga effectively gave audiences a beginning, middle and end. Disney ultimately didn't use the story treatments and concepts that Lucas came up with, but evidently the company also feels it's necessary to wrap things up on the Skywalker side of things. Better to make a planned exit than outstay your welcome.

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