Answer The Big Lingering Questions

The Last Jedi answered one big Force Awakens question and rendered the other one irrelevant, not leaving much in the way of huge mysteries for Episode IX. Sure, Rey's parents could be retconned and Snoke's past could still come in to play, but those questions are likely answered. There are, however, still some things we need answers to before the credits roll on this saga. First, what's the deal with the Knights of Ren? Hopefully we will see these dark side users, if only to prove Kylo is capable of making friends who aren't imaginary. There is also the lingering question of Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber. It was destroyed in the power struggle between Rey and Kylo, but we still don't know how Maz Kanata got it in the first place. It seems possible that she got it from Lando, but we need confirmation of that on screen. There are also questions like how exactly Snoke influenced Ben Solo, how many other Jedi are out there and what other Force and Force ghost powers are possible. As another of J.J. Abrams' projects, Lost, makes plain, closure is difficult to come by when answers to lingering questions are in short supply.

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