Avengers: Infinity War’s Gag Reel Is Goofy And Full Of Green Screens

Avengers: Infinity War marked a momentous occasion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, because so many of the heroes joined forces in one film, in an effort to defeat the all-powerful Thanos. But between wearing their magnificent costumes, faces full of motion capture dots, and pretending to use mystic powers, there are plenty of opportunities for comedy on set. Enter the Avengers: Infinity War gag reel, a joyous trinket found within every bonus features section of a Marvel Blu-ray. It's sure to get you to see the movie from the perspective of being on set. Check it out.

Footage like this makes me long for an Avengers sitcom, as the cast's personalities come out in this short but very funny gag reel. It's clear that the cast enjoy their time together on set, as seen in this little montage of wacky moments. The video opens with a pan shot revealing Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Doctor Strange and Wong, who start off the bloopers with a comical look straight into the camera, and lighten up the serious situation of the blockbuster film. Then a series of small in-between moments with Chris Evans and Letitia Wright flashing some goofy faces, probably from being tongue tied or forgetting a line. It's also especially interesting to see the characters who use motion capture, or wear different suits then we see in the finished product such as Vision, Thanos and Spider-Man.

Unsurprisingly, green screen takes a lot of background space in this gag reel. While the audience is accustomed to seeing the beautiful CGI-scapes of planets and space crafts when Avengers: Infinity War was released, the actors are accustomed to bright green, and their imaginations and trust in the filmmakers' vision. In the gag reel, it also becomes evident that Black Widow and Scarlett Witch's hair don't just naturally blow freely in the wind, as Scarlett Johannson and Elizabeth Olsen laugh off the scenes when their locks fall into their faces. Seeing Chris Hemsworth as Thor fail a few times when filming a scene also adds humor to the short clip.

The massive line-up of Hollywood star power in the same room for at once was quite the treat to witness on the big screen, especially since they were each paired onscreen with other characters that they hadn't ever interacted with before. I'm personally still reeling over that Thor and Rocket Raccoon match-up. Most of the lovable cast has worked on Marvel films for quite some time, and created friendships with their cast mates. So it's nice to see that Avengers: Infinity War was just as fun to make as it was to watch.

Sarah El-Mahmoud
Staff Writer

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