Did Tim Miller’s Deadpool 2 Include The Fantastic Four?

Deadpool watching the X-Force die

While superhero movies are just about everywhere, there are are certain properties that stand out among the rest. Chief among them is Deadpool, which made history with its massive box office haul, R-rating, and fourth wall breaking protagonist. Deadpool 2 was ordered shortly after the first film's release, although creative differences resulted in director Tim Miller departing the sequel, and being promptly replaced by David Leitch. While Deadpool 2 ultimately came through as a thoroughly enjoyable sequel, one has to wonder what Miller would have had in store. Now we've got an idea, and it turns out that he may have been mulling over the idea of bringing the Fantastic Four into the project.

This bit of revelation came from Deadpool storyboard artist Alexander Lozano, who has recently posted some of the art he rendered for Tim Miller during Deadpool 2's early stages of development. This included an image of The Fantastic Four's Ben Grimm aka The Thing. While Lozano didn't give any context clues or indication of the original planned sequel's plot, the idea of the Merc with the Mouth teaming up with Marvel's most famous family is enough to get any nerd shaking with FOMO.

You can check out Alexander Lozano's post below,

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I mean, how cool is that? Not only is this version of The Thing wearing a more extravagant costume than his previous two live-action versions, but the badass orange hero is also smoking a cigar. He's basically the coolest thing fans never knew they needed in the Deadpool franchise.

The concept of the Fantastic Four joining Deadpool 2 is something that Marvel fans everywhere would love to see. Because 20th Century Fox owns the rights to the characters, the Fantastic Four has never been able to join the greater MCU. But putting them in Deadpool 2 would be totally legal, albeit a very unexpected choice. And considering the poor run the team has had during its previous two live-action runs, Marvel fans are hoping the Fantastic Four gets a better go at a blockbuster in the future.

We'll jut have to wait and see what comes of the Fantastic Four in the wake of the pending deal between Disney and 20th Century Fox. But you can own your own copy of Deadpool 2 (sans the Fantastic Four) now. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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