A Young Woman Dying Of Cancer Just Wants To Know What Happens In Avengers 4

There are millions of fans all over the world who are waiting, not so patiently, to find out what happens in Avengers 4, but for one woman the question is a bit more urgent. One fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been battling brain cancer for four years and isn't expected to live more than six months. Now, a plea has gone out via social media to help the woman, named Keira, fulfill her dying wish, to learn what happens in Avengers 4.

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The call has been picked up in a big way as the tweet from the UK's My Shining Star Children's Cancer Charity has been retweeted 84,000 times as of this writing. Many people are also replying and tagging every actor, director, and official Marvel account they can fit into the character limit of Twitter to be sure the right people see this, as they might be able to help make something happen.

According to the information provided, Keira could have as few as three or as many as six months left. Even in the best case scenario then she would not make it until the late April release date currently set for Avengers 4 in the UK. While it's certainly possible she could survive past the doctor's expectations, it has certainly happened before, that's far from a guarantee. Of course, I'm guessing Keira herself is fully expecting to see the movie in the theater with a big bag of popcorn. One of the images in the tweet shows off a surgery scar and a tattoo she got to commemorate the event with the classic Han Solo quote "never tell me the odds." Keira is obviously both a fighter and a serious genre movie fan, thus her desire to know how Phase Three ends.

This isn't the first time we've seen terminally ill patients look to find happiness in their favorite pop culture properties. Prior to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens a serious Star Wars fan suffering from another form of cancer had a dying wish to see the first Star Wars movie in almost two decades before he died. That wish was granted and he was able to screen a rough cut of the movie in his home before passing away. He died shortly after.

In this case, this young woman isn't even technically asking to see Avengers 4, she just wants to know what happens. Considering filming of the movie was done alongside Avengers: Infinity War there is almost certainly a rough cut that exists. Not all the digital effects are probably done for a movie that won't be out for eight months, but if Marvel is able to grant this request, they can do better than a plot summary. Show Keira the movie!

No official response has come from Disney or Marvel yet but considering the size of the campaign its a safe bet they're aware of it. Since Disney has been willing to grant requests such as this in the past, perhaps they'll be willing to do so again. We'll have to wait and see.

Dirk Libbey
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