Would Michelle Williams Play She-Venom In A Venom Sequel?

Michelle Williams in Venom
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With the release of Sony's Venom comes the launch of the studio's Spider-Verse, but without the titular hero in attendance. The upcoming film will follow Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, a reporter who acquires the power of an alien symbiote, thus becoming the horrifying comic book villain. With plans for a bigger franchise, one has to wonder if the origin story will solely focus on Venom or implement other characters part of the lore, especially if it goes forward with a sequel. Michelle Williams, for example, is portraying Eddie's love interest and attorney, Anne Weying, who also becomes She-Venom in the comics. Williams was asked about what she thinks of suiting up as the slimy symbiotic better half to Venom. and here's what she said:

She-Venom would be a dream come true!

It's nice to know Michelle Williams is into the role per her interview with Total Film (via ComicBookMovie.com). While it's unlikely She-Venom will make an appearance in Venom, as Ann Weying seems to be playing a supporting role, it would be a great storyline for the sequel, if the first film does well commercially. The talented actress has never delved into the superhero genre before , often taking dramatic roles in films such as Blue Valentine and Manchester by the Sea, though in recent years she has widened her range in the fantasy genre with Oz The Great & Powerful and with the comedy I Feel Pretty. Williams previously said she joined Venom because she enjoys trying new things in her career and likes to take on a challenge. If she ever takes on She-Venom, it would be a quite the task to play a bloodthirsty woman capable of great terror.

In the comics, Ann Weying is shot and close to death when Eddie Brock saves her by allowing her to bond with the symbiote. Just as Eddie becomes more aggressive and violent as Venom, She-Venom shares a similar transformation, this time carrying out a reign of vengeance against the men who did previously did her wrong. Eddie is forced to step in and stop She-Venom's sudden violent behaviors. She-Venom makes another appearance when Ann is wrongfully imprisoned and Eddie sends her a piece of his power to break out. Anne's story eventually ends with the character committing suicide when she sees who she thinks is Venom, months after being bonded with the substance unable to cope with seeing him again. It turns out it was just Spider-Man dressed in a black suit.

While we'll have to wait and find out if She-Venom ever makes an appearance in Sony's Spider-Verse, director Ruben Fleischer did reveal that other villains will be in the movie, as they are planning to expand the universe starting with this movie, with rumors of Carnage's possible appearance yet to be confirmed. Venom will hit theaters October 5.

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