Justice League Storyboard Artist Isn’t Letting The Snyder Cut Go

Justice League

Following the release of Justice League, people began to hear whispers on the wind of Zack Snyder approved cut of the film -- that is, the movie as it was originally envisioned by Snyder before he had to step down as director. Joss Whedon took over from there and the movie was changed in a few key ways. Since then, DC fans have been asking for Warner Bros. to release this Snyder Cut, but there's an online debate over whether this cut even exists. It feels like we are all ready to move on from this, but Jay Olivia, the storyboard artist for the movie, continues to insist that it is real.

Jay Olivia worked as a storyboard artist for Justice League, giving him an inside look into the not-so-smooth development of the superhero blockbuster. It's known that Justice League had its fair amount of production troubles (expensive reshoots, losing its director, a certain mustache) and that it changed from what Snyder had originally planned. Initial trailers showed footage that doesn't exist in the theatrical release, and the movie itself is a bit of a deviation from Snyder's previous DC films.

Rumors quickly spread that a cut of the film from before Joss Whedon came on board exists and curious fans have been asking to see it. Jay Olivia has spoken up about the cut before, believing that it exists and recently made a comment on Twitter stating that the cut is real. In a post relating to the Aquaman movie, the conversation somehow turned to the Snyder Cut, leaving one user to bluntly say the cut doesn't exist. This led Olivia to step in and say once again that the Snyder Cut is real.

The mythical Snyder cut continues to be a topic of discussion almost eight months after the movie was released, but one can understand why people want to see the cut. Jay Olivia has previously clarified that he doesn't think a 100% finished Snyder Cut exists, but that he still thinks its important to share in order to understand where the story was supposed to go. That's a debatable point, and it's unlikely Warner Bros. would use resources to release a version of a movie that isn't even finished.

While Justice League is in the past, Warner Bros. and DC are hard at work on their future. Aquaman is set to release in December and it will soon be followed by Shazam! The studio also has Wonder Woman 1984 on the books, with a bunch of other projects in development. To learn more about all the different DC films that are coming up or have been announced, check out our DC film guide.

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