Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure Was Originally Called Bill And Ted's Time Van

Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

It was Keanu Reeves' 54th birthday over the weekend, and in honor of the occasion, screenwriter Ed Solomon, who was part of the writing duo on Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, decided to take fans on a most excellent adventure back in time by sharing a little insight about the origins of that comedy classic. There are a lot of neat little details that changed from the idea's inception to the actual 1989 film, with one of the big differences being the film's original title: Bill and Ted's Time Van.

It may not have been a DeLorean, but in the original idea for the film, Bill and Ted traveled through time in 28-year-old sophomore Rufus' van. Obviously that would have meant a very different Rufus than George Carlin's character in the final movie. Ultimately Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure went the Doctor Who route and opted for phone booth for its time travel transportation, necessitating a different title. The idea of a time van is cool, but the thing about Excellent Adventure is that it really says more about the characters and the journey they go on instead of the vessel that takes them there.

The original title isn't the only thing that Bill and Ted screenwriter Ed Solomon revealed on Twitter. Another big difference was that Adolf Hitler originally filled the role Napoleon plays in Excellent Adventure. But even back then that proved unwise, and Napoleon was drafted instead. The original idea also had Bill and Ted's classmates playing a bigger role, with the jocks getting stranded in ancient Egypt. Bill and Ted also played a more active role in the historical events they visited, like getting Caesar killed. Despite the many differences though, the final film maintains the core spirit of the original idea of two kids who need to pass history going back in time to experience it for themselves.

It's cool to see both how different and similar Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure turned out to be compared to Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson's scribbled notes and outline. This gives us a fun window into what might have been, but considering the popularity of the film and its status as a classic, it's hard to argue that all the changes didn't turn out to be most excellent.

As far as future adventures of the excellent variety are concerned, Bill and Ted 3 is supposedly happening, although there has been some doubt cast about that in recent months. The third film, tentatively titled Bill and Ted Face the Music, may be having issue with financing, but according to Alex Winter, it is still scheduled to begin production in early 2019. So we'll have to wait and see if this Wyld Stallyn reunion tour is happening or not.

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