Top Gun 2 Will Start Filming Soon, Despite Release Date Change

Tom Cruise in Top Gun

If there's one trend that continues to dominate the entertainment world, it's nostalgia. Audiences long to return to a simpler time, and it seems like no property if off limits for a potential reboot or long awaited sequel. The latter is finally happening for the 1986 Tom Cruise classic Top Gun, with both Cruise and Val Kilmer returning to their iconic roles. Top Gun: Maverick already has a ton of buzz around it, but the sequel hit a setback when it was delayed by a full year last week. But that doesn't mean the production has slowed much, as Maverick will reportedly begin filming at the end of September.

This news comes to us from The San Diego Tribune, which reports that Top Gun: Maverick is set to film in the city starting at the end of the month. This will no doubt surprise and excite the generations of Top Gun fans out there, considering how substantial the schedule change was. While this new date will give Maverick more time for post-production and presumably less box office competition, filming will still begin sooner rather than later. So strap up, because the need for speed hasn't lessened since the sequel was announced.

Top Gun: Maverick's contents are largely being kept under wraps, but it will give Tom Cruise yet another action franchise to star in-- returning to the role he originated decades ago. Val Kilmer is also returning as Iceman, the frenemy that Maverick competed with on the volleyball court and beyond in the iconic original movie. Whiplash actor Miles Teller joins the cast as Goose's son Bradley Bradshaw-- no doubt allowing Maverick to become a mentor and father figure to the young pilot.

Excitement for Top Gun: Maverick had been growing with each cast member added, although that came to screeching halt when the movie was officially delayed until June 26, 2020. It's a full year after its original date, causing a bit of panic among some of the hardcore Top Gun fans out there. Modern moviegoers have become used to projects being announced, delayed, and even cancelled at any moment-- especially if its coming from DC's live-action universe. Luckily Maverick will be in the can before we know it, confirming the sequel is indeed happening. Now we'll just have to sit and wait a few years until Maverick and Iceman's return to the silver screen finally arrives.

It should be interesting to see how Top Gun: Maverick approaches its returning characters, who have been absent for so long. Will the title character be older and more responsible, or just as wild as Miles Teller's new character? Also, what's the deal with him and Iceman?

All will be revealed when Top Gun: Maverick arrives in theaters on June 26, 2020. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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