The Nun: Rate And Discuss With Spoilers

Nuns gathered around in The Nun

It may only be the beginning of Halloween, but that doesn't mean it's too early for a good horror movie. You can thank IT for this potential new release model, as the killing it made last year led to The Nun landing a prime September release date. This latest adventure in The Conjuring Universe is Warner Bros/New Line's latest effort to scare you out of your skin, with the money from your wallet. Of course, this has us wondering how much you enjoyed The Nun, which means it's time to Rate and Discuss this holy terror!

Now in terms of critical reactions, there's been some lukewarm reception to The Nun's charms. Between our staff roundup and our official review, that seems to be pretty much the consensus. In particular, our critical evaluation of this film had this to say:

The Nun isn't the full meal one would expect from films associated with The Conjuring, but it's a rather appetizing continuation of the trend that's seen major studios learning to do horror justice again.

While the critics have had their say, it's the thoughts of you, the readers, that we're gathered here to discuss. Now that you've seen The Nun, keep in mind the following discussion questions as you gather your thoughts about the film's content. In addition with your general thoughts of the film, don't forget to provide your answers to the following questions:

How does this movie rank among The Conjuring films?Would you be open to a sequel to The Nun, a la Annabelle: Creation?How long did it take you to figure out that Frenchie was actually Maurice from The Warrens' lecture in The Conjuring's?In your opinion, what was the scariest moment in The Nun?Do you think everything's leading up to a retelling of the Amityville case?

Accompanying any good opinion on a film is its star rating, which means it's time to give The Nun her due as you rate the film on the traditional scale of 0 to 5 stars. Don't be afraid to share this rating, along with all other feedback you'll be providing on the film. We've personally blessed this story with Patrick Wilson's Elvis impression, so you're safe, or at the very least, well serenaded.

This poll is no longer available.

Finally, before we send you out the door to face cinematic good and evil once again, we'd like to provide some further reading for all things pertaining to The Nun. In particular, there's a video that maps our how and where the film fits into The Conjuring Universe, should you want a refresher after all of those twists and turns. Further to that point, we've also got remarks from director Corin Hardy about how he approached telling this story, while also keeping things straight with the rest of the series. And last, but not least, Conjuring series producer Peter Safran gave us some thoughts about how the possibility of future expansion to the franchise will be handled.

And that's a wrap on The Nun's Rate and Discuss segment! We hope you've enjoyed taking the journey through your thoughts with us, and if you're headed to the movies again this weekend, happy viewing -- whatever you might be seeing! We'll see you in the next Rate and Discuss on Friday the 14th, as the hunt is back on with The Predator!

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