Jack Black Still Wants To Do A Nacho Libre Sequel

Jack Black in Nacho Libre

Jack Black has had a long career of appearing in comedy films, and while not every installment is as iconic as School of Rock or Kung Fu Panda, he typically gives an energetic performance no matter what. Black will be getting a sequel to his Goosebumps movie later this year, but there's another project that he wants a chance to revisit: Nacho Libre. The 2006 comedy starred Black as a Mexican wrestling wannabe, and while it didn't set the world on fire during its initial release, Black is still interested in making a sequel.

I've always wanted to do another Nacho Libre.

While appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show (via Deadline), Jack Black said that he wanted to do a sequel to Nacho Libre. The movie starred Jack Black as a priest/cook named Ignacio who decides to become a luchador named "Nacho" to support the orphanage where he works. Ignacio must keep his secret, while trying to keep his newfound success from going to his head. The movie was written by Jared and Jerusha Hess and Mike White, and directed by Jared Hess. It was the follow-up to Napolean Dynamite and Black's next solo role after School of Rock in 2003.

Much like Napolean Dynamite, Nacho Libre was off-beat and still (in the sense that the camera and characters didn't move much). The movie received mixed reviews when it first released, but it has none the less found an audience of fans. This writer happens to find it funny, although while there are plenty of funny scenes, its sleepy vibe makes it drag a bit. You can judge if the movie is funny for yourself with the brief clip below.

This isn't the first time that Jack Black voiced a desire to return to the ring. Back when Nacho Libre first came out, Black said he wanted to make a sequel and that writer Mike White had the idea of sending Ignacio to Japan.

If Nacho Libre were to get a sequel, it would have to contend with the current climate and the backlash that would likely form with a white actor playing a Mexican character. It was an issue that the 2006 film surprisingly didn't grapple with much.

It's unknown if Nacho Libre will ever see a return to theaters, but keep it right here at CinemaBlend, and we'll keep you updated with new information.

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