Napoleon Dynamite And Pedro Reunited, And Yes, There Are Tots

We'll probably never get a sequel to 2004's Napoleon Dynamite, an offbeat comedy that has since gone on to gain a cult following. Though you'll never get a true sequel, you can see the film's leads, Jon Heder (Napolean Dynamite himself) and Efren Ramirez (who played his loyal friend Pedro) share the screen once again. Watch the two evoke the spirit of the cult classic film for a Burger King commercial promoting, what else, tater tots! Check out the video below.

Apparently, Cheesy Tots are back at Burger King, and to let the world know, the fast food chain reunited Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez. On top of popularizing Ligers, Napoleon Dynamite is also heavily associated with tater tots, a favorite snack that Napoleon likes to keep in his pocket for hunger-related emergencies. The deep fried combination of cheese and potatoes is back for a limited time offer because you and the internet demanded it. Although this was a fixture on Burger King's menu, the Chessy Tots were removed back in 2009, and now they're back by popular demand. Similar to how their Chicken Fries were brought back, Burger King hopes for the same thing to happen with the Cheesy Tots.

Tater tots and Napoleon Dynamite go hand in hand after the awkward teenager was caught eating them in class. Said scene was one of the more quoted lines of the movie, especially in the cafeteria. The scene featured Napoleon silently eating tater tots out of his pocket in the middle of class. A nearby student asked for him to share some, but Napoleon refused, having not eaten anything for the whole day. The classmate responds -- as we all would -- by kicking Napoleon's tot pocket, crushing them and leaving a mushy mess. That's pretty much all it is but, like everything in Napoleon Dynamite, it's all about tone and delivery.

Napoleon Dynamite is a 2004 comedy directed by Jared Hess. The film garnered a lot of attention for its offbeat and awkward atmosphere, coupled with easily quotable lines that sneak into your ear and never leave. It followed a young teen named Napoleon Dynamite who loved nothing more than to draw pictures of Ligers, practice his dance moves and play tether ball. Among the many plots in the movie, he helps his friend Pedro run for class president, eventually securing him the win after wowing the student body with his slick dance moves to Canned Heat.

While this isn't a true reunion in costume or in character, hopefully, fans of the film will appreciate the commercial for what it is. It shares a very similar spirit and comedy to Napoleon Dynamite. So what do you all think? Does this give you a hankering for Cheesy Tots?

Matt Wood

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