Ryan Gosling Won't Take Credit For His Onscreen Bond With Emma Stone

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In an industry that can easily breed divas and big egos, actor Ryan Gosling seemingly stands a part, as he has been praised this week by not one but two of his talented co-stars, Emma Stone and Claire Foy, as they both gushed about the joys of working with the actor. The Oscar-nominated star worked with both actresses on Damien Chazelle's two most recent films, with Stone as a love interest on La La Land, and with Foy as his wife in the upcoming Neil Armstrong biopic, First Man. When Gosling was approached about the abundance of love by his fellow actors before a screening of First Man, however, he responded by nobly passing the praise onto his director. In his humble words,

I don't think that's about me. I think both of those cases you're referencing, they were on Damien Chazelle films. I think he creates a certain environment that makes everybody feel creatively involved and it feels like a true collaboration, but he has great vision. He's able to work at these enormous scales but still have the environment feel intimate and creative. So, I think we all are very lucky to work on his movies.

While in the ET Online interview Ryan Gosling seems unwilling to point any praise toward himself, the recent comments from Emma Stone and Claire Foy seem to be clearly directed at Gosling. Last week, while at the Telluride Film Festival, Stone got emotional when talking about Gosling, who was her partner in a film that led to her Oscar win for Best Actress for 2017's La La Land. She said that she loved how collaborative he was and how he taught her about being generous. Stone worked with Gosling prior to La La Land on romantic-comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love. and crime-drama Gangster Squad, so the idea of working with the actor again might have played into her involvement in Chazelle's musical. Stone said that since her Crazy, Stupid, Love. audition, she felt the pair had an unspoken understanding of each other.

On the other hand, The Crown's Claire Foy worked with Ryan Gosling for the first time on the film that will follow Neil Armstrong on his Apollo 11 mission and his 1969 landing on the moon. About the experience playing his wife, she gushed about Gosling being "the most generous, kindest, funny actor" to work with. Looks like between the co-stars Gosling being generous is something they can both agree on. Of course, they all have much to thank from Damien Chazelle, who have given them the opportunity to all work together in highly-acclaimed films that have challenged them.

You can see Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy in First Man, in theaters October 12.

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