Last week, a particularly wild rumor surfaced that Six Underground, Netflix's big budget action movie directed by Michael Bay and starring Ryan Reynolds, was in fact, secretly a ThunderCats movie. This news came out of left field, but it was exciting for fans of one of the 1980s' most popular cartoon series. Sadly (or thankfully, depending on your opinion on Michael Bay taking on this material), it was not to be. Ryan Reynolds and writer Rhett Reese have shot down the rumor, confirming that Six Underground is not secretly a big-budget ThunderCats feature film. So we aren't getting a Netflix ThunderCats movie from the man behind the Transformers franchise and starring Deadpool himself. That's fine, and Six Underground sounds interesting in its own right. Yet, although this crazy rumor turned out to be false, it raised an interesting question: Why isn't someone making a ThunderCats movie?

This is one of those popular '80s properties that for some reason remains untapped for cinematic adaptation. It's honestly quite baffling, and if Michael Bay isn't making a ThunderCats movie, someone needs to. The reasons why ThunderCats deserves a live-action movie and how one could work are myriad, but here are just a few of them.

The Story

The broad strokes of the ThunderCats story tell an epic tale that is both familiar and fresh. Much like Krypton, Thundera is a dying world the ThunderCats must flee. They are pursued by evil mutants who destroy all that's left of their species but this small group. The ThunderCats take refuge on Third Earth, where they are strangers in a strange land. There they find themselves faced with an even greater, more ancient evil in Mumm-Ra. In order to survive and free Third Earth from Mumm-Ra, Lion-O, the childlike leader of the ThunderCats, must learn responsibility and how to be a leader. These kind of story elements are familiar to audiences and have been proven to work in other properties, so they can work here. And those are just the broad strokes. With so many episodes to mine, there is enough material for a whole franchise, cherry-picking the best elements and creating entirely new stories. Cat people that are the last of their kind, with a child leader facing off with a magical mummy many years into the future of the Earth, that's a story that deserves the big screen treatment.

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