Star Wars Episode 9 Rumor Could Point To A Pretty Massive Twist

Rey and Finn together in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

While the following is a rumor, if true, it would constitute a MAJOR SPOILER for Star Wars Episode IX. You've been warned.

While we ultimately have no idea what's in store for us in Star Wars Episode IX, we're certainly expecting a massive event movie that will bring an end to the Skywalker saga. Now a new rumor is making the rounds that would certainly put a big twist on the final episode. What if somebody that we've seen throughout the previous two episodes suddenly turned traitor? That's what this new rumor is claiming. However, while we might expect this revelation would be bad news for our heroes, it's actually quite the opposite, as the rumor says that the traitor is actually inside the First Order.

The rumor claims that part of Star Wars Episode IX will be dedicated to Kylo Ren working to root out a potential mole, that he believes is giving information to the Resistance. In the end, it will be discovered, and here's the real spoiler bit, that the mole is actually General Hux.

To be clear, according to this rumor, coming via The Express of the UK, Hux hasn't been a secret mole working for the Resistance the entire time. He's not even actually sympathetic to the Resistance at all. Rather, Hux hates Kylo Ren so much, no real surprise there, that he's going to help the Resistance in order to show the rest of the First Order what a terrible leader Ben Solo is. Hux seems to think that he can take down Kylo Ren and then, perhaps, take over the First Order himself, so he's not looking to destroy, it, just harm it enough that he can come in and save the day.

On the one hand, this doesn't feel like it's all that surprising. Going full traitor might be a bit extreme for General Hux, but the idea that he hates Kylo Ren and will take steps to try to oust him as Supreme Leader is no real shock. If anything, it would be surprising to see Hux just fall in step behind Kylo Ren. We'd expect Hux to do something, and we'd expect him to do it in the most weaselly, underhanded, method he could come up with. Coming at Ren head-on wouldn't be Hux's style. Of course, it probably also wouldn't be very successful.

Since this rumor is simply ascribed to a "leak" it's impossible to guess at the validity of it. It could be entirely true, entirely false, or anywhere in between. Even if entirely true, it's hard to guess how much of the Star Wars Episode IX story will be given over to this subplot. In the end, it seems likely Hux will fail in his endeavor. The information given to the Resistance will probably be important to the larger story, but what happens to Hux probably won't be.

Dirk Libbey
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