Scott Derrickson Is Still Teasing Doctor Strange 2

It's a pretty safe bet that Doctor Strange 2 will happen in the MCU. The question at hand tends to be, "When?" Yes, the Sorcerer Supreme (Benedict Cumberbatch) is technically dead (spoiler warning), but no one believes that will stick. And the notion appears to be that a sequel to Strange will happen in Marvel's Phase Four. So, with all of these tweets, is Scott Derrickson telling us that it's happening sooner rather than later?

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That's one way to translate these Doctor Strange-related Tweets on Scott Derrickson's social media feed. The original director of the first Doctor Strange has been dropping hints in Twitter that involve Stephen Strange, the former surgeon turned master of the mystical arts who recently sacrificed himself to set up an endgame where the Avengers triumph over Thanos. More on that in a second. This isn't Derrickson's first Tweet. He has posted a few Doctor Strange-related pics and messages, including this one:

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And a message saying that he'd see us in September. Well, it's almost October, Mr. Derrickson, and we don't have any new Doctor Strange 2 news to report. What's the latest?

Doctor Strange instagram photo

Now, let's state the obvious. Scott Derrickson could just be sharing photos of Doctor Strange artwork from the legendary Steve Ditko because he loves it. And he's inspired by it. And he wants to share imagery from the beautiful character that he helped to bring to the big screen once upon a time, and he has no real developments to share but is just getting fans' hopes up.

Possible? Sure, but I honestly feel like Doctor Strange 2 is coming -- and possibly sooner than planned, because of the disruption on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 -- and the hero is top of mind for Scott Derrickson because he's scripting, or in some form of pre-production on the sequel. The Sorcerer Supreme certainly emerged from Avengers: Infinity War as a fan favorite, because his previously untapped powers suddenly were on display. Marvel Studios would be wise to head back to that corner of the universe soon. But no official announcements have been made.

While we wait for more news on Doctor Strange 2, Marvel and Disney have us looking ahead to Captain Marvel, to the untitled Avengers 4, and to the sequel Spider-Man: Far From Home. Beyond that, it's a mystery, with a possible Eternals movie, and sequels for Black Panther and Doctor Strange. Are these tweets from Scott Derrickson clues? Weight in with your thoughts below.

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