Benedict Cumberbatch Doesn't Know Anything About Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange

The Marvel sequel machine is always churning, but Marvel Studios is being especially secretive about what lies ahead for the MCU. While a few select films have been revealed, nothing else has been confirmed following the untitled Avengers 4. While fans are obviously not privy to this sort of information, it looks like Marvel isn't clueing its actors in either. For example, Benedict Cumberbatch hasn't heard much about what lies in store for Doctor Strange and if the Master of the Mystic Arts is getting a sequel. When he asked if he knew of plans to get Doctor Strange 2 started, here's what Cumberbatch had to say:

Not at the moment, no. The masterplan is continually in flux, so it would be out of order for me to speculate.

Doctor Strange first made his MCU debut in his own solo film in 2016, and then, following a quick cameo in Thor: Ragnarok, it was right off to team up with the rest of the heroes in Avengers: Infinity War. While Doctor Strange is has been keeping himself busy, there has been no official confirmation from Marvel that a sequel to the hit film is underway. There are a few logistical reasons for why Marvel can't really announce a sequel at the moment, but not even Cumberbatch is totally sure what lies for Strange post-Phase 3.

Marvel is always keeping its cards close to its chest, and it isn't about to let any pesky actor spill the beans. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Benedict Cumberbatch was asked if he had any idea when they might be shooting Doctor Strange 2. Cumberbatch wasn't able to give a very helpful answer, as the master plan is "continually in flux." Marvel is constantly tinkering with its release schedule and coming up with new ideas, and Cumberbatch doesn't want to jump the gun and confirm a movie that isn't ready to be announced yet.

I don't think there's any doubt that there will be a Doctor Strange 2. The first movie made over $600 million worldwide, and for a solo movie that isn't Black Panther, that's pretty par the course. Marvel can't really announce Strange's sequel when the character is currently appearing in a movie that's being billed as the culmination of everything, in which anyone can die. Spider-Man sequels are one thing, but they have to maintain some sense of secrecy. Strange is one of the newest characters of the MCU and he's almost certainly going to get a major push as older characters are on their way out. Plus, Cumberbatch could just be straight up lying.

But who needs a sequel when you're appearing in possibly the biggest movie ever? You can check out Doctor Strange in Avengers: Infinity War, coming to theaters everywhere on April 27. To learn more about Marvel's epic, here's everything we know so far.

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