Lady Gaga Premiered New A Star Is Born Song, And It’s A Stunner

As autumn arrives, so does Oscar Season, with filmmakers putting out critical darlings in hopes of scoring some trophies. One such film is Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born-- which is also the actor's directorial debut. The third remake of its kind, A Star Is Born will also feature the talents of pop singer lady Gaga, who is poised for yet another breakout moment with the new movie. Playing unknown singer/songwriter Ally, Gaga will also lend her voice to the role, singing through her character's catalogue of music. The music has been one of the most anticipated aspects of A Star Is Born, and now Lady Gaga has shared a taste of a forthcoming song "Is That Alright?" You can check it out in the clip below.

I'm going to need this soundtrack stat. A Star Is Born will have a ton of musical moments from both Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, with Gaga writing much of the film's music in the process. "Is That Alright" features her signature vocals, which are full of emotion. Soon audiences will get to see more of Gaga, and see how Ally's life and career begins to climb once she is discovered.

This new clip, which comes to us from Lady Gaga's personal Twitter, also teases A Star Is Born's epic love story. As with with every previous version of the movie, it follows a jaded and experienced star (Bradley Cooper's Jackson Maine) who discovers an unknown, and makes her a star. Enter Lady Gaga's Ally, who Jackson will find working in a drag bar during the course of the film. But the film will also follow her rise, and the ways that affects the two singer's romantic and personal lives.

A Star Is Born has been slowly revealing clips from the movie, including the first big song "Shallow." Ally's musical talents are obvious, and it's clear that she's drawing from her connection and relationship with Jackson in order to write the pieces. As such, the music of A Star Is Born will likely change as the relationship does, and all eyes (and ears) are on what Gaga prepared for these musical moments.

Most movies release their soundtrack in advance, but it's clear that A Star Is Born is being very methodical and specific about its songs. We'll likely have to wait until the film has its wide release before we can stream the songs-- which feature both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's singing voices. Cooper has expressed how nervous he was to duet with the likes of Gaga, while also helping to the writing of the music itself.

A Star Is Born will arrive in theaters on October 5, 2018. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the moveis.

Corey Chichizola
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