First A Star Is Born Trailer Features Love, Music, And Gaga

It's a tale as old as time in Hollywood. Ahead of Oscars season, a big expensive movie musical is produced, and oodles of nominations and statues are picked up along the way. We've seen this through movies like La La Land and Les Miserables, and now the pressure is on for the latest remake of A Star Is Born, directed by Bradley Cooper. Cooper is also writing and starring in the upcoming musical drama, and it will feature pop star Lady Gaga in her first leading movie role. Anticipation has been high, and now the first A Star Is Born is finally here. And she's a beaut.

Does anyone else have chills? While everything around A Star Is Born has been kept under wraps, this first peak into Bradley Cooper's big directorial debut is pretty intriguing. Let's break down what we're being shown in this trailer.

A Star Is Born's first trailer opens on Bradley Cooper's character Jackson Maine. Maine is a successful musician, but seems disillusioned and slightly sauced. That is, until Lady Gaga's Ally enters the picture. After meeting her at a drag show, the two begin forming a romantic and creative partnership. He sees her talent and inner beauty, which seems to give her the confidence to become the star she was meant to be.

It looks like A Star Is Born will focus on its protagonists grappling through the music world and their success. Because while they seem humble and cutesy in the opening scenes of the trailer, brief flashes show the chaos that is waiting to erupt just below the surface. The road to success is paved with good intentions, and money and fame have been known to split both couples and bands.

There's a colorful cast of actors joining Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, which should help keep the buzz for the upcoming musical drama at a high. Dave Chappelle is shown in the trailer as Noodles, while Sam Elliot plays Jackson and Ally's manager. Hamilton and She's Gotta Have It alum Anthony Ramos is also shown playing Ally's friend Ramon. Comedian Andrew Dice Clay and RuPaul's Drag Race alum Willam Belli have roles as well, further showing what an interestingly motley crew of actors Cooper has assembled for the film.

Bradley Cooper's upcoming musical is the third remake of A Star Is Born, with both Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand playing the titular star. The pressure is certainly on for Lady Gaga to deliver, although her Golden Globe winning performance from American Horror Story helped prepare her for such a meaty role. Gaga sounds fantastic in the trailer, while also showing the subdued vulnerability revealed in her recent Netflix documentary.

A Star Is Born will arrive in theaters on October 5, 2018. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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