Jean Grey Takes Center Stage In X-Men: Dark Phoenix Poster

We've been waiting for our first look at X-Men: Dark Phoenix and that look is of the Phoenix herself. The image is a profile of Sophie Turner's Jean Grey, and while we only actually get her silhouette, the fact that it's a full motion poster, complete with some brief audio, gives us an idea what we're going to get when the promised trailer drops later tonight. Check out the poster below.

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The audio teases us with a lot of interesting detail. The vague female pronouns are flying as we hear conversation about "her" being protected, from the truth, it would seem. Of course, the "her" in question is Jean Grey, though exactly what the "truth" is here isn't perfectly clear, as we don't really know just how close to the comics this version of the Phoenix Saga will be. We'll likely get an idea when we see the full trailer.

However, while the audio may give us a lot of information, I'm liking the look of the motion poster just as much. Sophie Turner is mostly covered so we don't get a look at her in Phoenix form, but behind her, we see quite a bit. She stands in front of a field of stars and nebulae, which would seem to imply that outer space will play an important part in this story, as it does in the comics. Then, however, we get flames blowing through the background, which form an X behind Jean, which is a nice touch, but depending on how you look at it, it could also be taking the form of Phoenix wings.

This first look at X-Men: Dark Phoenix, both the new poster and the upcoming trailer, are likely very welcome for fans of the X-Men movies, as it has recently been an open question as to what the fate of the current franchise would actually be. Both Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants saw their release dates pushed back and with the recent approval of the Disney/Fox merger, there were ever rumors that neither film would ever see a theatrical release. While these two movies could very likely be the last two X-Men films of the Fox era, it does seem they will get their chance to shine.

This is also Fox's second bite at the apple as regards the Dark Phoenix Saga. The popular comic book storyline was also integrated into X-Men: The Last Stand, but most felt the movie did not do justice to it. Hopefully, lessons have been learned and this new story will get everything right. We'll get our first indication of how well new director Simon Kinberg has done when we get a look at the first trailer tonight. X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be in theaters in February.

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