As Netflix rotates its streaming library titles month to month, it's always exciting to see what's coming down the road. It's this reason that we greet the prospect with excitement and curiosity every month, and October could be one of the more exciting months we've seen in recent history. If you're curious about what last month's notable titles were, or want to see the full lineup of content heading our way throughout October, you're covered on other pages of ours. However, if you're looking to plan out some prime movie binges within the next month or so, get a load of the best and brightest below.

Anger Management Adam Sandler butts heads with Jack Nicholson

Anger Management

Adam Sandler, pitted against the right co-star, is absolute gangbusters. Take Anger Management for example, which puts Sandler's manic energy square in the crosshairs of the master of madness himself, Jack Nicholson. In the movie, a therapist is set on rehabilitating a man who's assigned to him after a random outburst and Nicholson's authoritative brand of insanity compliments Adam Sandler's more chaotic brand of crazy. The results are something that have to be seen to believed.

Black Dynamite poses with his gun, his nunchucks, and some ladies

Black Dynamite

Movies that pay homage to a genre while also operating as a prime example of the sort of film they're trying to deconstruct are rare and effective treats. Much like Edgar Wright and Shaun of the Dead, Michael Jai White and Black Dynamite take on the concept of the Blacksploitation film, and turn that into an experience that's both funny and dead on in its execution. What starts out as a fun enough exercise in the genre's formula turns out to be something much sillier, and a whole lot funnier than some may expect. In fact, the conviction with which it's executed is unquestionable.

Blade II Blade shows off his blade

Blade / Blade II

It's tough to pick a favorite between the first two Blade movies, as Wesley Snipes' first two entries playing the legendary Daywalker are both so damned good that they remain fan favorites for a reason. And with Halloween heading our way, this is one of the perfect double feature options available to those who want to score some easy scares, with a big dose of action mixed in. It might just come down to whether or not you'd rather see Blade face off against an angsty 90's vampire who wants to rule the world, or a vampire aristocracy that has a secret to hide, and will do anything to protect it. If you have the time, we highly suggest running through both in one shot, as it's more fun that way.

Blazing Saddles Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little having a laugh

Blazing Saddles

It certainly isn't the first time that Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles has been brought to Netflix, and the way it keeps leaving and coming back, we doubt it'll be the last. That's not a complaint though, as there's always room for the madcap humor and razor sharp satire that Sheriff Bart's story has always been known for. If you've seen it before, then this is a good time to see how much of the film you can quote from memory; however, if you've never experienced Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder cleaning up the old west before, you're about to get another shot.

Pee Wee's Big Adventure Pee Wee riding his bike on a clear day

Pee-wee's Big Adventure

Most 80s kids will swear by Pee-wee's Big Adventure as a childhood favorite of theirs, and who can blame them? It's a fun adventure romp with colorful happenings, and a sweet, if somewhat annoying, protagonist that cracks up the audience. It's also a bit of a surprise that this became such a hit with kids, as there are some really weird, and straight up scary things that Tim Burton mixes into his directorial debut. This is a confident debut from a man who, with just three films, would define the majority of his career in the 80s, and now you can see why.

Devils Advocate Al Pacino menacingly watches over Keanu Reeves

The Devil's Advocate

Every now and then, you need a guilty pleasure movie to cleanse the movie-viewing palette, and The Devil's Advocate is most assuredly one of those films. Is it perfect? No. Is watching Al Pacino ham it up as The Devil, trying to tempt Keanu Reeves into selling his soul a delight? Oh man, is it ever. Full-blown Pacino is on display as he shouts, threatens, and smiles his way through a movie that wouldn't have been as much fun without him, Reeves, or Charlize Theron to make it come alive. This movie is definitely one of my favorite sins and you should give it a watch if you haven't already.

The Green Mile Michael Clarke Duncan points something out to Tom Hanks

The Green Mile

Stephen King, as anyone can tell you, is a versatile man. Just when you think he's going to scare the wits out of you, he goes and writes something like The Shawshank Redemption or The Green Mile to completely melt your heart, and milk your tear ducts. Frank Darabont works his magic on this second collaboration with King, as Tom Hanks' prison guard befriends a supposedly magical prisoner, played by the late, great Michael Clarke Duncan. Much like Shawshank, The Green Mile takes the prison experience and tells a fairy tale aimed straight at the hearts of grown ups. While it's not talked about as much as its older sibling, it's a film that's earned a rightful place in the history of movies, as well as the King canon.

The Shining Jack Nicholson pokes his head in with that grin

The Shining

Most people are at least vaguely familiar with The Shining, either having seen the film, understanding its pop culture influence and its connection to Stephen King or having just seen Ready Player One. Age has not dulled its beauty, nor taken the edge off of its familiar scares, rather it has only shown audiences that decades later, The Shining is still one of the most magnetic and atmospheric horror films to ever be printed on film. Pair this one with either The Green Mile or Anger Management for some interesting results, as you'll have a rather interesting Stephen King or Jack Nicholson double feature awaiting your eager eyes.

V For Vendetta shaved head Natalie Portman looks determined

V for Vendetta

If you're like legendary graphic novel creator Alan Moore, you probably don't want anything to do with V for Vendetta. As far as adaptations go, the film takes the source material and uses its name and basic concept as a mask to attract those who've read the acclaimed story into its clutches. Once there though, the film weaves a vastly different but equally compelling story about totalitarianism on the march, and the inherent freedom of the human spirit. Purists need not apply, but if you're open to a film that uses a story's thematic core to tell something more theatrical, you should keep an open mind and watch this cultural touchstone.

Monty Python's Life of Brian Brian in the window looking exasperated

Monty Python's Life of Brian

Our last film is another case of a lesser talked about entry in a legendary canon. The first film that comes to mind when you mention Monty Python is unmistakably Monty Python and The Holy Grail. Not a bad choice of films to be remembered by, but when it comes to second place in the stellar career of the comedy troupe, it's usually a toss up between Meaning of Life, and this month's selection, Life of Brian. That needs to be corrected, as neither of those films is a runner-up by any means, with Brian telling a roaringly funny story about a man who could have been the messiah, if he wasn't such a naughty boy. It's subtle, focused Python that digs into religious testament, rather than broadly funny humor, but it works like a damned charm.

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