As Netflix rotates its streaming library titles month to month, it's always exciting to see what's coming down the road. It's this reason that we greet the prospect with excitement and curiosity every month, and October could be one of the more exciting months we've seen in recent history. If you're curious about what last month's notable titles were, or want to see the full lineup of content heading our way throughout October, you're covered on other pages of ours. However, if you're looking to plan out some prime movie binges within the next month or so, get a load of the best and brightest below.

Anger Management

Adam Sandler, pitted against the right co-star, is absolute gangbusters. Take Anger Management for example, which puts Sandler's manic energy square in the crosshairs of the master of madness himself, Jack Nicholson. In the movie, a therapist is set on rehabilitating a man who's assigned to him after a random outburst and Nicholson's authoritative brand of insanity compliments Adam Sandler's more chaotic brand of crazy. The results are something that have to be seen to believed.

Black Dynamite

Movies that pay homage to a genre while also operating as a prime example of the sort of film they're trying to deconstruct are rare and effective treats. Much like Edgar Wright and Shaun of the Dead, Michael Jai White and Black Dynamite take on the concept of the Blacksploitation film, and turn that into an experience that's both funny and dead on in its execution. What starts out as a fun enough exercise in the genre's formula turns out to be something much sillier, and a whole lot funnier than some may expect. In fact, the conviction with which it's executed is unquestionable.

Blade / Blade II

It's tough to pick a favorite between the first two Blade movies, as Wesley Snipes' first two entries playing the legendary Daywalker are both so damned good that they remain fan favorites for a reason. And with Halloween heading our way, this is one of the perfect double feature options available to those who want to score some easy scares, with a big dose of action mixed in. It might just come down to whether or not you'd rather see Blade face off against an angsty 90's vampire who wants to rule the world, or a vampire aristocracy that has a secret to hide, and will do anything to protect it. If you have the time, we highly suggest running through both in one shot, as it's more fun that way.

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