Halloween’s Jamie Lee Curtis Cried The Entire Time She Filmed The Sequel

Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in Halloween
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When the first Halloween was released in 1978, not only did the film become the cutting edge of horror, it also introduced actress Jamie Lee Curtis as a powerful leading lady at the young age of 19. The film was just the beginning for Curtis, who has since seen a sustainable acting career including memorable roles in True Lies, A Fish Called Wanda and Freaky Friday. Everything goes back to Halloween for her, now quite literally as she stars again as Laurie Strode in a movie that's been given the same exact title. For Curtis, returning to her most iconic role was a lot more emotional than she thought it be. In her words:

I started crying the day I arrived. I didn't stop crying until the day I left. I didn't expect it. I knew [Laurie] would be fierce, I knew she'd be galvanized, I knew I'd be tired, I knew I would work hard. I did not know that it would move me so deeply, the whole experience of the movie. It took me a good month [to recover].

This certainly isn't the first time Jamie Lee Curtis has returned to the Halloween franchise. She has appeared as Laurie Strode in three other films continuing the reign of terror of Michael Myers. However, the new Halloween ignores all the other sequels, making it a clean slate and direct revenge story between Laurie and the boogieman who has tormented her since her close brush with death as a teen. After the original confrontation with Michael Myers in 1978, Curtis did come back for some sequels, but didn't think she'd ever return for another one-- especially considering the diminishing quality of the franchise.

In the Entertainment Weekly interview, Jamie Lee Curtis explained what brought her back to Halloween was the incredibly human story the filmmakers had for Laurie Strode this time around. She's a walking example of PTSD, who has been obsessed with the thought of Michael Myers' return. When he does in the upcoming Halloween, Laurie is a trained, combat-ready, badass grandma who is ready to take on the ruthless killer. As it will be moving for audiences to see the iconic character fight back, it was also emotional for Curtis. She had emotional support from the crew on set, who at one point wore name tags reading "We are Laurie Strode" to show solidarity with her and her character's journey.

Early reactions of the new Halloween have detailed the strong performance from Jamie Lee Curtis, along with the homage the super-fan filmmakers put into the project, revitalizing the franchise and peaking the interest fans and critics alike. Halloween comes to theaters on October 19.

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