Halloween Writer Danny McBride Reveals His Favorite Horror Movies


The horror movie explosion is not slowing down, as the genre has continued to produce more and more films that kill at the box office while getting great reviews. So it only feels fitting then that Halloween, one of the most iconic films of the genre, is gearing up for a comeback. John Carpenter is onboard as an executive producer, while Danny McBride is co-writing the script with David Gordon Green. It might seem a little odd that a comedian like McBride is writing a horror film, but McBride is a longtime horror buff and recently revealed some of his all-time favorite scary movies.

The Shining and Halloween were always my favorites growing up. We didn't have HBO or Cinemax when I was a kid, but I would record movies still. They were just like scrambled signals. I remember one night somehow I had recorded this horror movie called Chopping Mall. All of like six years of me growing up we had this film and it was all scrambled. In some areas the scrambling wasn't too bad, so I would just watch that over and over again. I just loved it. It was just fun.

Seeking to ignore all of the other films in the franchise, Halloween will be a direct sequel to the original film.One of the reasons this might work out for the best is because the original Halloween is one of Danny McBride's favorite horror movies. It better be, considering that he's writing an all-new entry in the series that will hopefully deliver what fans have been wanting.

In addition to Halloween, Danny McBride also named The Shining as one of his favorites as a kid. Another respectable choice for sure, but McBride also name-dropped a unique pick in the form of Chopping Mall. The horror, which was about robots trying to kill teenagers in a mall, wasn't successful critically or commercially, but it has gained a strong cult following over the years.

Hopefully, Danny McBride's confession of his horror tastes to the Charleston City Paper is enough to satiate any fans worried about another lackluster Halloween movie. So far, it looks like this Halloween is making all the right steps to being a worthy successor to the 1978 film. Being a direct sequel, Jamie Lee Curtis will reprise her role as Laurie Strode and this time, she'll be joined by a daughter played by Judy Greer. Like the original, Halloween will aim to build up tension and suspense, rather than just earning it's R-rating through intense gore.

With Blumhouse, the company responsible for some of the biggest horror films of the last few years, behind it, Halloween is looking more promising by the day. Halloween is currently scheduled to hit theaters on October 19, 2018.

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