Venom Almost Had A Completely Different Opening Scene

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Needless to say, this is going to be loaded with spoilers for Venom, so stop reading now if you do not want to know what happens in the film.

Movies evolve, particularly in the screenwriting process. Ideas are raised, and subsequently tossed out, as the creative minds try and decipher what's best for a movie. Those who saw Venom this weekend (and it was a LOT of you) know that the movie opens in outer space, where a craft commissioned by the Life Foundation is returning to Earth, with some symbiotes in tow. There's a lot of talk about Venom's home world in the movie, so when we sat down with the Venom team, we asked them if there ever was a version of the movie where we saw Venom's home planet of Klyntar, director Ruben Fleischer explained:

The beginning of the movie was a hard one. Like, how much do we want to tell the backstory? There was a version [of the opening] where there was a planet crawling with tons of symbiotes that were collected and taken back to Earth by the Life Foundation. They had encountered them. But it kind of felt like, my instinct was it would be better to keep it more mysterious and just know that they've retrieved something from space. We don't know exactly by what means or how. Jenny [Slate]'s character later says they encountered it on a comet that was passing, and they retrieved these samples and brought it back to Earth. But yeah, I thought it was better just leave it a little bit mysterious, the backstory of the aliens.

It's definitely something that can be saved for subsequent stories, perhaps as Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) explores the origin of this new alien that has possessed him. A lot of Venom deals with Eddie just reacting to the arrival of the symbiote. Perhaps, in Venom 2, Brock will want to know more about where Venom came from, particularly as he tries to figure out a way to defeat Carnage (Woody Harrelson). Because you KNOW that's coming.

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This much is hinted at by Venom producer Matt Tolmach, who also told CinemaBlend:

We toyed with some art work that we loved. ... We toyed with it. But we wanted the movie -- it's out there. It's part of our mythology. It's part of our backstory, Klyntar and where this all came from and who knows what's next. But, it made sense to, in this movie, to let the origin of those things kind of unravel in the storytelling is as opposed to going [to that planet].

So, at one point, Team Venom thought about going to Klyntar, but it never came to be. Audiences didn't seem to mind. Venom broke records as opened to a massive number, and we personally believe the opening number is big enough to warrant a sequel. Tom Hardy's back, and Woody Harrelson will be with him. What about Michelle Williams? Or any new characters? Time will tell.

Sean O'Connell
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