That Time Liam Neeson Was Recognized By A Horse On Set

Liam Neeson in The Commuter
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Liam Neeson is widely known action star, some of his most famous roles being Qui-Gon Gin in Star Wars, Bryan Mills in Taken, and Ra's Al Ghul in the Dark Knight franchise. His voice, smooth as silk, is incredibly distinct, making him easily identifiable even in the smallest voice-over parts. He's so famous, in fact, that he even has horses getting starstruck at the sight of him - as he recently revealed while discussing his new Netflix film, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs:

I play a traveling impresario. We filmed in New Mexico. The odd thing is the horse who pulls my wagon knew me. You won't believe it. I'm saying this horse knew me. He actually remembered me from another Western we made a while back. I love animals. When we worked together before I took special care of him. I fed him treats. Gave him apples.

Looks like Liam Neeson is not only a badass, but a horse whisperer! The actor is soon starring in the Coen brothers' latest film, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, and while doing with his horse pal who was apparently a previous collaborator, according to an interview with Page Six, it whinnied and pawed the ground when he saw him. Considering Neeson's last western was A Million Ways to Die in the West in 2014, the animal has a memory that stretches back at least four years.

Along with Liam Neeson, the upcoming western also stars James Franco, Zoe Kazan and Tim Blake Nelson in the Coen Brothers 18th feature film. With a look at the trailer, the film seems to draw from the filmmaking brothers' most beloved hits such as O Brother Where Art Thou? and True Grit with its tone and setting. The Coens' last couple features have been Hail, Caesar!, a journey to the Hollywood studios in the '50s, and Inside Llewyn Davis, exploring the Greenwich Village folk music of the '60s.

The Oscar-winning filmmakers are partnering with Netflix for the first time for The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. As the back end of 2018 approaches, so does awards season, and this year the streaming service is putting themselves in the race in a big way. In addition to this feature, Netflix has also partnered with Gravity's Alfonso Cuarón with his artful drama Roma, director David MacKenzie for his biopic on Robert the Bruce, Outlaw King; Paul Greengrass for his docudrama 22 July; and Martin Scorsese for his crime epic The Irishman.

Award season aside, you can get ready to see the reunion between Liam Neeson and his horse in The Ballad of Buster Scruggs come November 16th when the film is available to watch on the Netflix streaming service.

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