Apparently James Franco Isn't A Great Kisser

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When it comes to kissing, James Franco leaves a lot to be desired, at according to Zoey Deutch. During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, the Set It Up actress reflected on her time spent with her Why Him? co-star during the making of the 2016 comedy. When she was pressed to know whether or not Franco was a great smoocher, Deutch admitted the A-list actor's puckered lips didn't impress her -- to put it mildly. And she wasn't afraid to get more honest from there. As Deutch confessed on the popular Bravo talk show series, James Franco's kissing simply isn't much to write home about. Yikes. Here's a breakdown of what she said.

In the brief talk show clip, Zoey Deutch was hesitant to get into details, but she wasn't afraid to admit James Franco's kissing was, err, subpar-at-best. Even saying that might be too kind. When asked to describe James Franco's kissing style, Deutch let out a less-than-enthused "meh." And she later admitted that it simply "wasn't great." The kissing was apparently "not memorable," and to make matters worse, Franco's breath wasn't minty fresh either. In fact, Zoey Deutch went so far as to say Franco's breath was "not good." As Andy Cohen joked, during the making of Why Him?, Zoey Deutch was probably asking herself that same question the title imposes. She didn't deny that was the case.

While James Franco's kissing might not be anything worth celebrating, Zoey Deutch didn't stop working with James Franco after Why Him? After all, she also appeared (briefly) in James Franco's acclaimed adaptation of The Disaster Artist last year, as a fellow acting student with Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau. It wasn't a major role, by any stretch of the imagination. You might've blinked and missed it, in fact. But it suggests that things between James Franco and Zoey Deutch might not be so bad, even if the rising young star isn't looking to give the actor any more smooches anytime soon.

If you can handle the embarrassment, check out the talk show clip below.

As an actress, Zoey Deutch is keeping herself plenty busy away from James Franco's company. In addition to appearing in the aforementioned Set It Up this year, which premiered exclusively on Netflix, Deutch was recently seen in The Year of Spectacular Men, which was directed by her mom, Lea Thompson, and written by her sister, Madelyn Deutch. Deutch made her producing debut on that film as well; it was truly a family affair. Zoey Deutch also recently starred in Flower, and she'll next be seen in Richard Says Goodbye, alongside Johnny Depp.

Hopefully, though, Zoey Deutch will find better kissers in her future co-stars.

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