More Lisbeth Salander Movies For Claire Foy? Here’s What She Tells Us

Claire Foy is Lisbeth Salander

Before this week, audiences have associated the leather-clad Lisbeth Salander with two actresses: Noomi Rapace and Rooney Mara. The former brought Lisbeth to life in three Swedish adaptations of Stieg Larsson's Millennium novels, while the latter played Lisbeth once, for David Fincher. This week, The Queen's Claire Foy gets her turn in a new film The Girl In The Spider's Web, and it's being set up as the launch of a franchise. So when CinemaBlend interviewed Foy, we asked if Lisbeth is a character she wants to return to, and she replied:

I mean, she's... I find her infinitely interesting, and there's so much in there that I will never get to the bottom of. But at the moment, this film is the main focus, and for people to watch it is exciting.

I bet if you went back in time and found interview clips of Rooney Mara as she and Daniel Craig were supporting their take on The Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo, the actress would have had similar responses of wanting to return to the role of Lisbeth Salander, but needed people to come and support this film, first.

And Claire Foy is correct not to put the cart before the horse when it comes to her interpretation of Lisbeth Salander. Before she is given the chance to explore the angel of vengeance any further, audiences need to show that they like what she and Fede Alvarez have cooked up in The Girl in the Spider's Web.

But we asked Claire Foy this question because we believe that mainstream audiences are going to connect with the action-driven version of Lisbeth that is front and center in Fede Alvarez's movie. And we also think that the insight into Lisbeth Salander's character and history that are used to further the plot of Spider's Web will intrigue crowds in ways the previous Girl movies did not.

Even better, should The Girl in the Spider's Web catch on, there's a fifth book waiting for Claire Foy and Fede Alvarez to adapt. Published in 2017, The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye continues the story of Spider's Web, and continues to dig into Lisbeth's checkered past. So, more Lisbeth is possible, and continuity in the lead role would be preferred.

Here's Claire Foy, in an exclusive interview with CinemaBlend, talking about her future in the franchise.

The Girl in the Spider's Web in the latest big-screen interpretation of the fascinating literary character Lisbeth Salander. It's a shift into harder action by Sony Pictures, and plays like a Bond movie in Lisbeth's icy corner of the globe. We will have plenty more from our interviews with the Girl in the Spider's Web cast and crew as the week rolls on. The movie arrives in theaters on November 9.

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