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We have five, brand new, extremely long clips from The Road. They’re good. Really good.

The film stars Viggo Mortensen as a father in a post-apocalyptic future. He’s on a journey with his son through the barren, depopulated remains of what’s left of the world. The few remaining survivors are hungry, and not exactly friendly.

The clips are utterly depressing and emotionally draining… but don’t miss a second. The Road looks brilliant. My favorite moment in the more than ten minutes worth of footage below happens in the last clip, when Viggo and his son find food. His son gives thanks for Cheetohs, but mispronounces the name, mistakenly calling them “Cheetahs”. It’s a great little moment, one of many in the following footage. Watch it all, and see if you can spot Robert Duvall.

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