Dan Aykroyd has teased that Ghostbusters 3, the continuation to the original Ghostbusters film series, is being written. If that is indeed the case, I have some suggestions for its screenwriter which will help ensure the film will be, if nothing else, not the mess that Ghostbusters 2 turned out to be. In no particular order, here are some mistakes the third movie should avoid in order to be as good as it can.

Ghostbusters theme Ray Parker Jr.

Don't Change Or Revamp The Theme Song

Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters Theme" is so good, it was played before the Ghostbusters officially existed! The song was lightning in a bottle, and quite frankly, future attempts to cover it have shown that. If Run DMC, Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott can't pull off a version comparable to the original, perhaps that a sign Hollywood should stop trying.

Louis Rick Moranis Ghostbusters

Don't Make This Film Without Rick Moranis

There are some actors that Ghostbusters 3 shouldn't leave out, and I would argue Rick Moranis is the most important. Louis Tully was one of the best parts of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2, and excluding that character and his goofy antics would take away a lot of the humor. Plus, if the rest of the cast won't be enough draw audiences to theaters for this, a rare performance by Moranis might.

The Ghostbusters Ghostbusters

Don't Turn Former Stars Into Ghosts

As tempting as it may be for a Ghostbusters 3 screenwriter to create a touching scene between Ghost Egon and his friends, it probably shouldn't happen. CGI has come a long way, but even then there's a risk in flubbing it up, and the outcry from fans and Ramis' family could negatively impact the flick. Paying homage and giving acknowledgment is fine, but let it end there.

Rebooted Ghostbusters Team Ghostbusters

Don't Reference The Failed Reboot

Everyone is well aware there was a lot of controversy that surrounded the failed Ghostbusters reboot. It's already been established by the original cast's cameos that it isn't canon or tied to the original movies, so just let it die without any jokes that reference it. Doing so will only reignite the debate and force politics in what should be the final chapter in a trilogy.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Ghostbusters

Don't Set Up Ghostbusters 4

The main cast of Ghostbusters are all in their late 60s or early 70s, so Ghostbusters 3 really should be the final chapter. One feature to tie up loose ends and show how everything ended up for the remaining members of the team is plenty. If the film series isn't meant to carry on under new faces, at least let the classic heroes everyone knows and loves ride into the sunset.

Slimer Ghostbusters

Don't Try To Deviate From The Original Aesthetic

Ghostbusters ghosts look nothing like the spirits Hollywood is capable of creating today, and that's fine. That aesthetic worked for the silliness of the franchise and the signature style helped give the movie a unique look. Obviously, modern effects can be used to make the process easier, but it feels like a mistake to switch up the formula too much when it comes to the look of Ghostbusters' ghosts.

Winston and Ray Ernie Hudson Dan Aykroyd Ghostbusters 2

Explain The Ghostbusters' Absence

While Ghostbusters 2 was far from perfect, the way it bridged the gap from the first film to the sequel was. It took all of five years for New York City to forget their heroics, although another ghost invasion brought them back to the public spotlight. Were there more adventures after that or did New York City not have another ghost epidemic until now? These are questions Ghostbusters 3 should be prepared to answer.

Peter Venkman Bill Murray Ghostbusters

Too Much Venkman

There's no denying it, Bill Murray's Peter Venkman is the star of Ghostbusters. It's a blessing and a curse in my opinion, as Murray's presence and role is so prominent in the first two films it practically overshadows the rest of the team. We can't have that in a movie that will be checking in with the rest of the characters, so finding a way to work in Venkman as well as other characters will be ideal.

Peter Venkman Bill Murray Ghostbusters 2

Too Little Venkman

Peter Venkman is such a presence in the first two Ghostbusters that suddenly diminishing his role would be a mistake. Especially given the franchise didn't dedicate a lot of character development to Ray or Winston; they almost feel like dudes who are simply around to hold a proton pack. It would admittedly be hard to build solid scenes around them, so Ghostbusters 3 needs a way to incorporate them while still having Venkman included to keep audiences entertained.

Egon Harold Ramis Ghostbusters

Establish How The Team Survives Post Egon

Egon Spengler was the brains of the Ghostbusters operation, and without his tech innovations, there wouldn't be a team. Needless to say, there shouldn't be many innovations happening without either a replacement or a world that hasn't needed the Ghostbusters in some time. The latter might be the better option, as it would justify the guys pulling their old gear out of storage to save New York from ghosts yet again.

Ghostbusters Team Hands

Don't Be Afraid To Get A Little Serious

The Ghostbusters franchise is far from "serious." That said, its legacy has clearly meant something to American pop culture enough that Ghostbusters 3 rumors still get circulated every time Dan Aykroyd mentions it. A serious ending to cap off a light-hearted adventure would not be a bad way to close out the adventure at all, and it may even tug at longtime fans heartstrings a little.

Slimer Hi-C Ecto Cooler Commericial

Don't Forget To Bring Back Ecto Cooler

If Ghostbusters 3 gets far enough to earn a release date, Hi-C better be ready to produce gallons of Ecto Cooler for America. It's arguably one of the best things that ever came from the franchise, and the explanation I'm going with for why I salivate a little when I see Slimer. Even if Ghostbusters 3 is a complete disaster, it will have all been worth it if this magical drink returns.

Those with their own suggestions for Ghostbusters 3 can go ahead and leave them in the comments below. For more on the entire Ghostbusters franchise, read what Melissa McCarthy had to say about the reboot's backlash.

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