Ghostbusters 3 Is Currently In The Works, According To Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd smoking a cigarette after saving New York

For over two decades there was talk of a third Ghostbusters movie, but that particular phantasm never materialized. Instead we got 2016's Ghostbusters, a reboot of the property with an all-new cast that suffered all kinds of controversy and ultimately failed to be a hit at the box office. That seemingly killed another Ghostbusters in that continuity, but perhaps it opened the door for a true Ghostbusters 3. In fact, Ghostbusters 3 is currently in the works according to Dan Aykroyd, who said:

There is a possibility of a reunion with the three remaining Ghostbusters... It's being written right now.

Now, it's probably best to say upfront that Dan Aykroyd has been banging the Ghostbusters 3 drum forever, ensuring the specter of the film never crosses over into the after-life. However, Dan Aykroyd's comments on AXS TV's The Big Interview with Dan Rather seem to indicate that, if nothing else, a script is being worked on at the moment. And it would presumably see the three remaining original Ghostbusters reuniting to make this thing a bonafide trilogy.

Dan Aykroyd said it is a possibility, which is not nothing, but it's not a guarantee either. Given the countless false starts this thing has had over the years, perhaps he thought it best to not promise it is happening or announce that shooting begins next year. But he's also trying to avoid disappointment if/when things fall apart.

All those caveats aside, there is a glimmer of hope once again for those wanting more of the Ghostbusters they grew up with. Dan Aykroyd hasn't spoken much about Ghostbusters 3 since the reboot, but it seems like he's ready to give this thing another go and reunite his Dr. Ray Stantz, Ernie Hudson's Winston Zeddemore and hopefully Bill Murray's Dr. Peter Venkman. Sadly Harold Ramis, who played Dr. Egon Spengler passed away in 2014.

One of the obstacles preventing Ghostbusters 3 from happening over the years has actually been Bill Murray, who never seemed particularly interested-- feeling that there was no way to live up to the original. Dan Aykroyd also addressed the Bill Murray of it all in his interview, sounding hopeful Venkman will return:

I think Billy will come. The story's so good. Even if he plays a ghost.

Bill Murray returning to the franchise as a ghost is an idea that has been bandied about over the years, and Dan Aykroyd still views this as an option to get the beloved actor back for Ghostbusters 3. He seems more hopeful though that the quality of the story will finally sell Bill Murray on the film.

This is also Dan Aykroyd talking, so just because he thinks the story is good doesn't mean that Bill Murray will feel the same. But it no doubt excite the fandom that he is so confident and optimistic about the project.

Dan Aykroyd has been trying to will Ghostbusters 3 into existence forever, and his love for the franchise has seen him pitch its potential as a cinematic universe, a television series, and even a theme park. I think most of us will just be happy with a proper Ghostbusters 3.

It's obvious that hate unfairly maligned Paul Feig's expensive Ghostbusters reboot, but the movie wasn't great enough to force audiences to embrace it either. Ghostbusters is a nostalgic property; sometimes the brand is enough, sometimes it isn't. A rebootquel in the vein of this year's Halloween or Sony's own Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle could perhaps see Ghostbusters 3 succeed, especially if the three remaining original Ghostbusters get on board.

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