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The Ghostbusters Remake Will Have A Cover Of The Classic Theme Song, Here's Who'll Sing It

It’s hard to talk about anything related to the new Ghostbusters movie without raising more ire from haters, and it’s likely that this latest information will do more of the same. It was a silent conclusion that the new movie would have to address the classic Ghostbusters theme song at some point, and now we know that there will definitely be a new cover of the song. It’s been revealed that the new song will be performed by a team up between Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot.


Fall Out Boy member Pete Wentz revealed the news on his Twitter account, where he said it was a childhood dream to be able to perform the new song. There’s no word on the specifics of what the new theme will be like, but it’s more than probable that it will have the phrase, "who you gonna call" in it. The official soundtrack for the film is rounded out with songs by G-Eazy ft. Jeremih, WALK THE MOON, Pentatonix, 5 Seconds of Summer and Wolf Alice.


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Like everything else that people have been mad about when it comes to this movie, it’s still too early to judge if this is a good or bad thing. It comes down to your musical preferences at the end of the day. It’s an interesting choice nonetheless, from a movie that is probably done caring if people hate on it or not.


As people get ready to hate on a song that hasn’t been heard yet, it may be important to note that the original theme, though endlessly catchy, isn’t that great of a song. It’s fun to sing for sure, but as a song, it’s just the same beat and lyrics repeated over and over again. At one point Ray Parker Jr. sings "bustin’ makes me feel good." Key and Peele said it best in an awesome sketch of unsold Ray Parker Jr. theme songs that are all just a similar beat singing about the title of the movie. Here’s the original song to give us an idea of what we might be able to expect from Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot.


You’ll be able to hear this song and judge it for yourself in Ghostbusters, directed by Paul Feig, which releases this summer on July 15. 

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