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Ralph Breaks The Internet Box Office: Disney's Animated Hit Continues To Dominate

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Cold and blustery December weather has a way of keeping people inside their homes and out of movie theaters. Similarly, Christmas shopping causes people to watch their spending a bit more than in other months. Whether those factors came into play or not is anyone's guess, but it's undeniable that this was a slow weekend at the box office. Without any big new releases, Disney's animated comedy Ralph Breaks the Internet seeing its reign go unbroken.

Check the numbers out below!

After spending the past two weeks atop the box office, Ralph Breaks the Internet continues to win audiences over. Or, more importantly in this case, it continues to earn customer's ticket money. Taking in just over $16 million, Ralph saw a drop from last week's $25 million+ win, but it was still enough to take over the weekend. The Grinch wasn't far behind, however, and it had the smallest drop of anything in the Top 10.

Actually, the box office rankings are largely the same as they were last week. The top six films maintained their placements, and Green Book's ascent to #7 was the only upward move on the list. Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali's acclaimed drama continues to stand strong, and even if it's not making the kind of money that this holiday season's remakes and sequels have, it was still the only film this week to see a positive uptick in money earned. (It was a 0.1% uptick, but it counts.)

Both The Possession of Hannah Grace and Widows took box office dips this weekend. ScreenGems' demonic horror almost feels like the winner there, though, since the flick's current $11.5 million gross has topped its $9.5 million budget. Widows, meanwhile, has earned over $38 million in four weeks, which is still under its own $42 million budget.

Though it has remained in the Top 10, Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx's Robin Hood update has pretty much fizzled out here in the domestic box office. Its $27.2 million intake so far, even combined with over $38 million internationally, is still far behind its $100 budget. Perhaps things will look brighter the closer we get to the holidays, but perhaps not.

Unfortunately, this was the second-lowest grossing weekend of the year for Hollywood, with an estimated total of $77.8 million taken in by all movies. The biggest "new" entry of the week was a 2018 re-release of Steven Spielberg's Oscar winner Schindler's List. In over 1,000 theaters, the WWII drama made just $551,000. Next up was the limited release of Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan's Mary Queen of Scots, which brought in $200,000 on just four screens.

Box office news did get quite exciting on a global scale, however. James Wan's Aquaman was released n China, where it earned more the entire U.S. box office sum. Two weeks ahead of its release here, Aquaman has already earned $93.6 million just in China, and its success will continue to build next week as it opens up in more international markets.

Expect for next week's box office results to look quite different than they have the past two weeks, although there might still be an animated movie on top. The wide releases include the Spider-Ham-starring Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Mortal Engines and Clint Eastwood's next team-up with Bradley Cooper, The Mule.

Stay tuned to see how things will shake out next week, with dozens of different Spider-Heroes trying to dethrone Ralph's place at #1. Not that anyone should be counting out an Eastwood-Cooper drama as the Oscar season starts to wind down.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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