Nicole Kidman Looked So Terrifying In New Movie Destroyer She Scared Her Kids

Destroyer's Nicole Kidman looking unrecognizable

Nicole Kidman wore luscious locks and a tight bodysuit while filming this weekend's recent release Aquaman, but when her next movie Destroyer comes out on Christmas Day, she'll be a totally different type of character. The new movie has her looking older and scarred and she even revealed getting into makeup for Destroyer was traumatizing for her kids. Kidman said:

They were a bit scared. They found it scary, yeah, [My character is]... angry and she's defensive and she's on a mission and she has a lot of rage, but she also has a lot of pain and heart and is trying to fix the damage and heal things... I think that's very emotional, but it's a good story too.

Destroyer follows Nicole Kidman as a former undercover agent who will be faced with her past years later when her time as an undercover detective is revisited when the gang she was involved with resurfaces. If you've seen the trailer for the flick, Kidman looks unrecognizable in the role and it's been one of the talking points surrounding the upcoming movie.

She's generally a person with soft features, but in Destroyer she's all hard angles and pallid lines. Her hair is hacked short and dyed dark. She looks as if she's had a very hard life, which is why it's not a huge surprise she revealed to ET that her 10-year-old and 7-year-old kids were a little bit disturbed when they saw their mommy in that getup.

So, why did her husband and kids even see her in Destroyer makeup? She also mentioned that they did some makeup tests for the role at home. It was all a part of the effort to totally disappear into the Destroyer character and to become someone completely different from the inside out.

Hopefully, however, transforming into a totally different person -- even at the expense of scaring her own kids -- will all be worth it. Nicole Kidman's been earning a lot of praise for her role in Destroyer, the violent gang-related film directed by Karyn Kusama, who also helmed Jennifer's Body.

Karyn Kusama also noted that the way Nicole Kidman's character looks in the film has everything to do with how the actress envisioned the character. She said:

Nicole said something at the very beginning of all of our creative conversations that struck me and was part of why I knew I had to work with her. Which was, 'I don't want to look like Nicole Kidman. I don't even want people to see me. I need people to only see Erin Bell.'

The makeup results certainly look impressive and we'll have to wait and see if the rest of the movie sticks with audiences when it officially hits theaters on December 25. You can take a look at what else is coming up with our full movie premiere schedule.

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