7 Big Questions We Have After The Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer

The time is finally here. This week, some time after fans first thought we might get a trailer, the first look at Spider-Man: Far From Home is here. The superhero sequel from Sony is the third movie with Marvel characters hitting theaters next year, and it'll find Peter Parker taking a school-sanctioned vacation to Europe. Trouble finds Spidey no matter what continent he's on and he's soon drafted by Nick Fury to battle a group of elemental beings.

There's plenty to sift through in the trailer. We finally got good looks at Spidey's various new suits, the Elementals, and the debut of Mysterio -- in full costume! This being a Spidey trailer, there's still a lot of plot being kept under wraps, so it's no wonder that I've got a few new questions. Here are seven questions I thought of while watching the Far From Home trailer.

Spider-man infinity war death scene

Is This Pre- Or Post-Infinity War?

This is definitely the most curious element of Far From Home. It's also overshadowed any other discussions about this trailer. Spider-Man, Nick Fury, and half of the rest of the universe were dusted after The Decimation in Avengers: Infinity War. Obviously, Spidey is alive and kicking without so much of a whisper of anything from Thanos in the promo. The trailer offers no hints regarding when this movie takes place or that Infinity War and the upcoming Endgame ever happened. Kevin Feige explicitly said this takes place right after Endgame, but it wouldn't be the first time someone within Marvel has lied. There's no real reason this couldn't take place before Infinity War, but maybe future trailers will drop more hints about what to expect.

Spider-man black stealth suit far from home movie

Why Does Spider-Man Need So Many Suits?

This version of Spider-Man sure does love a costume change. He's got the Homemade Suit, the Stark Suit, The Iron Spider, and then the two suits introduced in this film. We get to see a good portion of the red and black suit, and a brief snippet of the all-black stealth suit, but not what makes them different from his other costumes. You can see that he has the Stark Suit in Europe, so does he need the other suits for extra gadgets? And while we are at it, who made these suits and gave them to Peter? Nick Fury seems like the obvious choice, but it's unclear why Spidey needs these upgrades in the first place.

Ned Leeds Betty Brant spider-man far from home

Are Ned And Betty Dating?

Taking a quick break from the main action, does Guy-In-The-Chair Ned have his own romantic subplot in the works? He spends an awful lot of this trailer with Betty Brant (Angourie Rice; could they have not made her look exactly like Gwen Stacy?) and the two of them seem pretty close. It might seem like a random pairing, but there's precedence for this in the comics. The two characters actually do end up getting married, but Ned was also the supervillain Hobgoblin (technically, he was brainwashed), so, that didn't last. I highly doubt there's a villainous future for Ned, so here's hoping this high school romance lasts!

fire elemental spider-man far from home

Who Are The Elementals?

Spider-Man has one of the best rogues galleries in comics, but that does not include the Elementals. These villains each control a specific element, which in this case seems to be water, fire, and earth. Their inclusion actually feels a little random, as these characters haven't been seen since the '70s and they weren't Spidey bad guys. What exactly they are doing in Europe and why it's up to Spidey to stop them is unknown, but they are certainly outside-the-box choices. That being said, Spidey has battled plenty of element-type villains, like Hydro-Man and Molten Man, so they might be mashing up those characters and the Elementals.

Mysterio spider-man far from home movie

What's The Deal With Mysterio?

First off, that's a great costume! It looks awesome on camera and could have easily ended up very ugly. Other than his outlandish fashion sense, I can't say I know much about Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) and what he's up to. The character is a classic Spider-Man villain, but supposedly he's working with Peter to stop the Elementals. We'll get into that in a moment, but Mysterio is pretty, uh, mysterious here. His powers appear to be magic, but the character is all about illusions and misdirection in the comics. He's called a mashup of Iron Man and Thor, which is undoubtedly the best compliment Mysterio has ever received. We'll have to see how he and Spidey work together in the long run, but it's an interesting take for the character.

Spider-man avengers tower far from home movie

Is That Avengers Tower Being Rebuilt?

In one of the trailer blink-and-you-miss-it easter eggs, Spider-Man swings by Avengers Tower. However, it looks like the building is getting a little work done. Avengers Tower is under construction, and we can only speculate what that means. Did the building get damaged in Avengers: Endgame? Or is the new mysterious new owner teased in Spider-Man: Homecoming giving the Tower a makeover? Popular theories are that Norman Osborn or the Fantastic Four are moving into the neighborhood. If we don't already know the answer to that before Far From Home, hopefully, the sequel will finally spill the beans.

Mysterio in battle far from home movie

Is This All An Elaborate Mysterio Hoax?

When comic book fans heard that Mysterio was going to be an ally of Spider-Man, they likely immediately assumed that was a lie. Mysterio is notorious for being a trickster, using advanced technology to appear as if he has magical powers. He's a con man with holograms. So, people are pretty much expecting that his turn as a "good guy" is all an act. Are the Elementals just an elaborate hoax created by Mysterio to make himself look like a hero? To what end? For what it's worth, the character made his debut pretending to be a good guy and has done so in a few different animated shows as well. Pretending to be a superhero while robbing everyone blind is almost the No. 1 trick in Mysterio's book.

There were lots of other fun easter eggs and more that popped up in the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, so I'm sure other fans had different questions while watching. If there's anything I missed, let us know in the comments below!

Matt Wood

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