Dwayne Johnson Says Hobbs And Shaw Is The Movie He's Been Waiting His Whole Career For

Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs in The Fate of the Furious

Dwayne Johnson has made a lot of movies in his relatively short career, but he says Hobbs and Shaw is the one he's been waiting for. While this Fast and Furious spinoff may seem like an odd movie to be the one he's been waiting for his entire career, it seems the reason is that the film will include a scene that is very close to The Rock's heart, as it will include aspects of the actor's own Samoan heritage. Johnson was clearly excited as a recent social media post showed that he had gone into full Samoan warrior mode...

This sacred Samoan ground you stand on is nourished with our ancestors blood. Tonight, we nourish it with yours...I’ve been waiting for this my entire career. This is more than a movie to me - our culture & warrior mana is very real. More to come. Now they bleed.

Needless to say, Dwayne Johnson sounds like he's ready to hurt people. Not that his character in Hobbs and Shaw is ready to hurt people, though I'm sure that will be the case as well, but that Dwayne Johnson himself is ready to channel his "warrior mana."

Along with these epic words Dwayne Johnson included an image which is equally powerful. It's like nothing we've ever actually seen from the actor before. The Rock could be viscous in a WWE ring but he was also always in control. Whoever this guy is, he looks ready to break people in half. Check it out.

The Rock on Instagram

Dwayne Johnson is showing off every muscle he has in this picture. He also gets to show off his growing collection of tattoos, something that frequently gets covered up when he's in other roles. However, it does seem clear that those tattoos might actually be part of the story in Hobbs and Shaw.

Dwayne Johnson's Instagram post doesn't go into any details about what part of the movie this shot is from or how all of this will factor into the plot. We have heard that, in addition to meeting at least one new member of Deckard Shaw's family in Hobbs and Shaw we also be meeting members of Hobbs' family as well. The family connection may be how this all comes about.

One detail that we haven't learned yet about the new film is exactly how Idris Elba's villain will cross paths with Hobbs and Shaw in the first place. This makes it all look like it might be quite personal. I'm assuming the villain's blood is what Hobbs plans to nourish the ground with, but that's not just a cop trying to catch a bad guy, that's an angry man looking to get some vengeance.

We'll find out this summer when Hobbs and Shaw hits screens, though we're probably due for a trailer sometime soon that might provide a few answers.

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