True Man Of Steel: Henry Cavill's New Photo Proves He's More Jacked Than Superman

Damn, Henry Cavill. If he really is done as Superman in the DCEU, don't show the next Man of Steel this new photo. It's too high a bar.

It's actually been a while since Henry Cavill shared a Superman photo on social media. There's been a lot of chatter about his future in the role, with renewed speculation connected to Ben Affleck officially leaving as Batman and James Gunn reportedly being offered a chance at DC's Superman before deciding to go with The Suicide Squad. Cavill decided this was the time to remind everyone he's still the true Man of Steel -- and actually more muscular than a statue of the Man of Steel.

Henry Cavill Instagram photo with Superman statue

His biceps are even bigger than the fake ones they gave that Superman statue. Unreal.

Henry Cavill mentioned Budapest in his Instagram caption, since he's been working there to film The Witcher series for Netflix. There's also been talk that his August Walker might actually return for another Mission: Impossible movie after Fallout.

But other than that ... we're really curious for some definitive answers on the status of the DC Extended Universe's Superman. Last year, reports came out that Henry Cavill was done as Superman. He was supposed to have a cameo in the upcoming DCEU movie Shazam! but that didn't happen, and word was they would be looking for a new Superman.

Warner Bros. responded to those reports with some typical vagueness, just saying they had "made no current decisions regarding any upcoming Superman films." Henry Cavill responded to the reports with some typical goofiness, posting a bizarre video that called the day of rumors "fun."

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Jason Momoa seems to be tight with Henry Cavill. Momoa stood up for Cavill to a Superman hater, and after Aquaman started crushing at the box office, Cavill posted a funny Aquaman tribute. According to Momoa, Cavill is not leaving the character of Superman.

It was just revealed that Ben Affleck would be leaving as Batman, with Matt Reeves looking for someone new. However, other Justice League stars like Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman are still going strong. Superman appears to be on the backburner, for now, and not even James Gunn was down to take on the superhero when Warner Bros. reportedly gave him the pick of the DC litter. But the iconic character will surely come back in some fashion -- either with Henry Cavill still in the role or with another reboot.

While we wait for Warner Bros./DC to make any official announcements on the future of their Superman, keep up with what is actually making it to the big screen in with our handy dandy 2019 movie release schedule.

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