Jason Momoa Says Henry Cavill Isn’t Quitting Superman

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel

There's been a lot of mystery regarding Henry Cavill's future as Superman in the DC Extended Universe, particularly after it was reported back in September that the actor was leaving the franchise behind. However, according to Cavill's DCEU costar Jason Momoa, a.k.a. the cinematic Aquaman, Cavill has no plans to hang up the red cape and 'S' crest anytime soon. As Momoa put it:

I just talked to Henry... He's absolutely not [leaving the character]. He loves the character. He's not. One hundred percent. It's absolutely [not going to happen]

Just to be clear, we have no idea just how much insider knowledge Jason Momoa about Henry Cavill's future with the DCEU, let alone his discussions with Warner Bros. Maybe Cavill did decide to clue Momoa in on his future Superman plans, or maybe Momoa is just being overly optimistic about Cavill coming back for another round of Superman shenanigans. In any case, Momoa made it clear while speaking with ET at the Aquaman premiere at the Hollywood TCL Chinese Theatre Wednesday night that as far as he's concerned, Cavill isn't done with Superman by a long shot.

While Man of Steel 2 has barely seen any progress during its years-long development, Henry Cavill playing Superman again across the entire DCEU was called into question when a rumor came out that Warner Bros and DC were trying to get the actor to cameo in Shazam!, but those talks broke down due to scheduling conflicts because he was working on Mission: Impossible - Fallout.

That said, supposedly this paved the way for Cavill to leave the DCEU behind, though that still has yet to be officially confirmed. Warner Bros later responded that while it has a "great relationship" with Cavill, it hadn't made any decisions "regarding any upcoming Superman films." Henry Cavill's Instagram video didn't help with clearing up this matter.

Aside from another report coming out a month later claiming that both Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck are done with the DCEU, we haven't received any major updates regarding this Superman matter, though if Jason Momoa is to be believed, this is no longer an issue. That said, Amy Adams did recently state that she thinks her time as Lois Lane might be over, which, if true, could mean that either the Superman mythos is being set aside within the DCEU or that it might go through a revamp that leads to new actors playing these characters.

It's worth noting that Henry Cavill did recently sign on to Netflix's The Witcher series, so even if there wasn't any uncertainty about him reprising Superman, he's busy for the foreseeable future. Still, while Jason Momoa's statement might provide some comfort to DCEU/Cavill Superman fans, it would be nice if some official clarification would arrive soon one way or the other.

It remains to be seen when or even if Henry Cavill will play Superman again, but you can catch Jason Momoa reprising Arthur Curry when Aquaman dives into theaters on December 21. If you're curious about what other DC movies are coming down the pipeline, look through our handy guide.

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