We May Know What Superman's Planned Shazam! Cameo Was

Billy Batson and Superman

We are all still processing yesterday's shocking news that Henry Cavill may be leaving the role of Superman and the DCEU behind. In the initial report, part of what precipitated this parting of the ways was a potential cameo for Henry Cavill's Man of Steel in the upcoming Shazam! Talks apparently broke down over scheduling conflicts, and issues over a small cameo in Shazam! presaged Henry Cavill no longer being in DC films entirely. Now we may have some idea of what that planned Shazam! cameo entailed. The Wrap's Umberto Gonzalez shared details about the planned cameo, saying:

Spoiler alert, for what it's worth the Superman cameo in Shazam! was supposed to be Clark at the end of the movie meeting with Billy Batson, the kid who [turns into] Shazam, and telling him 'Hey, we're gonna keep an eye on you.' That kind of thing.

If true, the cameo described by Umberto Gonzalez on Instagram sounds like the kind of cameo you would expect Superman to make. At the end of Shazam!, after Billy Batson has presumably won the day and done so in a way that did not go unnoticed, he is approached by Superman. He apparently caught the eye of Earth's biggest hero, leading Supes to drop in and introduce himself. The meeting reportedly wasn't only see this new player on the board, but also to establish a relationship should the Justice League need a little extra help down the line. It's not dissimilar to Tony Stark keeping an eye on Peter Parker.

What's fascinating about this report is that Clark Kent would have met up with Billy Batson in his non-superhero form. So somehow Superman will have seen or found out that the hulking and ultra-powerful superhero Shazam, is in fact just a kid. Perhaps he witnesses a transformation, because finding out who Shazam really is isn't as simple as X-ray visioning Batman's cowl to see a recognizable billionaire underneath. This would mean that the secret identity of Shazam might not be all that secret-- at least not to Superman, and possibly the rest of the Justice League.

If this report is to be believed, it sounds like a charming and fun cameo that is just a little treat for Billy Batson and the audience, reminding everyone that this story was just part of a much wider world. It would have been especially meaningful since Billy Batson is a kid, and Superman is the archetype of a hero to aspire to in this world. We even see him referenced in a newspaper in the teaser, and Freddy Freeman looks to be a big fan.

Too bad this cameo will likely not be happening. Henry Cavill's unconfirmed exit would put the DCEU in a precarious position, aside from just a brief cameo in Shazam! However, the situation appears to be fluid, with Henry Cavill posting cryptic social media post. But Cavill potentially staying on as Kal-El is still a possibility until official word says otherwise.

Shazam! bolts into theaters, Supes cameo or not, on April 5, 2019. Keep an eye on our guide for all the latest from the ever-changing DCEU and head over to the release calendar to plan out your moviegoing for the rest of this year.

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